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Published on Giugno 17th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti




Hatton Garden, 88-90 - EC1N 8PG. London - GREAT BRITAIN

Phone +44 (0) 121 286 0902

Production: Products for Water-proofing, Wall cladding system and Soil consolidation

Our network is enjoying constant growth all around the world.


Founded in 1993, Ecobeton is a technological company that provides systems and solutions to the construction industry for products such as concrete, plaster, brick and wood.
Ecobeton is specialized particularly in the field of waterproofing treatments for concrete structures and cementitious overlay for repairs and decorative design.
Ecobeton has always paid great importance to R & D activities, in particular for the development of environmentally sustainable products.
Ecobeton products have achieved CE mark.
Our waterproofing treatments are based on a technology dating back to the 1800’s.
Ecobeton has a strong focus on environmental friendliness and quality of raw materials, manufacturing and packing in our own facilities in Italy and Norway.
Ecobeton is led today by Mr. Fleming Lødeng who is the fourth generation contractor in the construction industry.

Our network

Ecobeton is widely represented in Europe with independent distributors that promote our products and solutions.
Our network is enjoying constant growth all around the world.


Ecobeton has always been concerned about environmental challenges and focused our attention into environmentally friendly products. Ecobeton production and products are strongly influenced by our desire to minimize the impact on the environment.

The products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
The products emit no harmful substances such as waste or harmful dust / don’t contain VOC.
The raw materials are purchased primarily within 50 km from the facilities.
The products provide total and permanent protection.
Our products are CE marked.
Ecobeton is certified ISO 14001 with environmental management system.
Energy for Ecobeton facilities comes mainly from renewable sources.

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