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Published on giugno 17th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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EverCrete® Vetrofluid guarantees permanent waterproofing of concrete even with negative thrust.

EVERCRETE SCRITTAEcobeton EverCrete® Vetrofluid is a special waterproofing agent for protecting concrete from deterioration.
The formula is based on waterglass with a special catalyst which allows the product to penetrate into the concrete to a depth up to 40 mm.
It seals the pores in the concrete and becomes a permanent barrier.
EverCrete® Vetrofluid can be applied for permanently waterproofing and protection for all types of concrete, fresh, mature and for repairs. EverCrete® Vetrofluid is conformed to the prescriptions of the 89/106 EEC Directive and meets the requirements of the standard EN 1504-2.



EverCrete® Vetrofluid guarantees permanent waterproofing of concrete even with negative thrust.
EverCrete® Vetrofluid supplies the concrete with an extraordinary resistance to freezing and thawing cycles, and to be attacked by chlorides, sulphates and thawing salts.
After 300 cycles of exposure to freezing and thawing, concrete treated with EverCrete® Vetrofluid appears intact, perfectly preserved and incredibly durable.
EverCrete® Vetrofluid is a permanent solution against carbonation and the penetration of chlorides.
It maintains a stable alkaline environment over time that totally protects the iron. EverCrete® Vetrofluid is certified for use in contact with drinking water and is an excellent barrier to chemical attacks. EverCrete® Vetrofluid blocks water / rising damp when applied to the foundation of the constructions.
It prevents the concrete from releasing cement dust into the environment, effectively obstructs the penetration of pollutants and therefore renders a healthier environment.
EverCrete® Vetrofluid is odorless, colorless and non toxic. EverCrete® Vetrofluid is a permanent and definitive treatment.


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  • Bridges, subways, dams, tunnels, roads, sidewalks
  • Airport runways, cycle and skate parks
  • Parking lots, streets, yards, chutes, ramps
  • Water, wells, ponds, swimming pools
  • Stables, of corn and hay, piggeries, silos
  • Wine cellars, basements, foundations, slabs
  • Restoration, decorative concrete, statues, art niches
  • Stadiums, sport facilities
  • Anywhere you want to increase the durability of concrete structures

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EverCrete® Vetrofluid should be applied in two coats with a low pressure pump, roller or brush on surfaces clean and free of grease and oil residues.
Apply the first coat to saturation without letting it drip, wait until the surface is dry, then apply the second coat after the first has dried up.
Apply water on mature concrete the day before, if it is not already moist.
Apply from the bottom upwards on vertical surfaces. Stir the product thoroughly before use.


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