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Published on Maggio 21st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy

Ensinger Building Products Ltd.

Wilfried Way, Mid Glamorgan - CF39 8JQ Tonyrefail - GREAT BRITAIN

Phone +44 (0) 1443 678 400 - Fax +44 (0) 1443 671 153

Production: thermal insulation profiles for window, door and façade construction.

Excellence in engineering profiles and special tubes

About Ensinger

Ensinger produces compounds, semi-finished products and finished parts, complete assemblies and precision profiles from high-performance plastics.
Further development of proven production techniques, new applications and international expansion have earned this family-owned enterprise a place among the leaders in its field.
With 27 production and sales locations, Ensinger is represented in every one of the world’s major industrial regions, employing a workforce of 2,100 throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Industrial Profiles & Tubes

Ensinger demonstrates a high degree of excellence in engineering profiles and special tubes for industrial applications, with geometries and materials precisely tuned to the specific application.


Ensinger produces profiles using the extrusion and co-extrusion method. For example full profiles, hollow chamber profiles and particularly thin-walled profiles with wall thicknesses of 0.4 to 0.5 mm made of materials specially adapted to the application in question.
Thermoplastic polymers are used as a basis which can be reinforced with carbon or aramid fibre, or dry lubricated. Using the co-extrusion method, reinforcing agents such as metals can be integrated, plastics with varying characteristics can bei connected by means of sheathing, or hard-soft connections produced, for example for sealing lips.
Piece length variations, special packaging requirements and general tolerances in line with DIN 16941 are all possible in agreement with the cus
In the Wago Pro slide from Erhardt Armaturen TECADUR PET combines outstanding sliding properties with low moisture absorption.


Due to many years of experience and enormous production know-how, Ensinger is capable of producing tubes with minimal diameters of 2 and 3 mm up tomaximum diameter of 90 mm.
Any graduation of wall thickness is possible from 0.3 up to 7 mm. Here, too, extremely narrow tolerances can be implemented in agreement with the customer. Benefits such as low tooling costs, low batch sizes and varying lengths offer even greater flexibility and lower-cost solutions.


Improved and new materials are important milestones when it comes to technological developments.
In our portfolio you will find engineering and high-temperature plastics with suitable characteristics/ properties for all kinds of different applications.
Optimized sliding properties, low abrasion, high operating temperatures, strength, dimensional stability and chemical resistance are the best prerequisites for replacing conventional materials, both successfully and economically.
Ensinger offers semi-finished materials, precision profiles and prefabricated parts from a range of more than 100 different materials – extending to complete assemblies.
Furthermore, almost 500 polymer modifications can be achieved.

Key advantages of plastics

The metallic components of medical-technical devices are increasingly being replaced by high-quality plastics.
For example, the aluminium handle of an ultrasonic drill is often made these days of the high-temperature thermoplastic, TECAPEEK.
The result is not only simpler handling, due to a considerable reduction in weight, but also a more economic manufacturing process, as important production steps are performed simultaneously with injection moulding technology, in contrast to processing aluminium.

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