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Published on giugno 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Pillhof, 91 - 39057 Frangarto (BZ) - ITALY

Phone +39 0471 63 55 00 - Fax +39 0471 63 55 11

Production: energy-efficient radiant cooling and heating: floors, ceilings and walls

Constant and strict controls guarantee the quality of every single item.

Our past is the basis for our future

Eurotherm spa have been experts in energy-efficient radiant cooling and heating and systems since 1984.
Eurotherm was among the first in Europe to believe in the sector‘s potential.
Ever since, the company has strived to provide high-quality products and services and to foster continuous technological and material innovation.
The result is an extensive range of cutting-edge systems and technologies that utilise all surfaces in our homes: floors, ceilings and even walls are transformed into invisible and silent tools of indoor comfort.
At the heart of the Eurotherm philosophy lies the concept of efficient comfort.
Our aim is meet customer needs using tailor-made and highly versatile solutions that work for both heating and cooling systems, 365 days of the year.
With almost 30 years‘ experience in the radiant systems market, the company can boast thousands of successfully completed projects, including prestigious ventures in Italy and abroad.
The company‘s active participation in Italian and European associations, as well as its collaboration with leading universities, such as the University of Padua, has led to substantial development in radiant technology.
Advances which have seen the market grow to its current level and confirmed the technology‘s position within the low energy consumption building market.

Research and development

To provide the highest quality, advanced radiant heating and cooling solutions to meet our customers‘ every need.
This is the Eurotherm objective and one which is pursued thanks to the sector‘s huge technical potential and our continuous investment in Research & Development of new materials and new technologies.
Over the years, our engineers have registered several patents that have given significant impetus to the sector‘s development, opening up new and exciting application possibilities: radiant floor systems but also wall and ceiling systems, controlled by cutting edge technology designed to work with the rhythm of the seasons.
The manufacture of all components at the company‘s production plant allows significant advantages in terms of flexibility of supply and speed of delivery.
Products are designed, tested and manufactured entirely by the Eurotherm team to ensure high functionality and performance.
Constant and strict controls guarantee the quality of every single item.


A world of services
Eurotherm boasts a full range of activities and services that provide support to industry professionals and are always “on side” with the end user, with the aim being to create effective and efficient systems that save energy.
The services offered by Eurotherm cover all aspects of system implementation: from support during the design phase, to training on radiant systems, on-site assistance, system installation, energy and acoustic audits of building and thermal imaging surveys, to monitor the operation of the system.

Project Expert

Who are the Eurotherm Experts?
Nowadays, it is increasingly important to be able to rely on qualified personnel who can answer questions, provide advice on choosing the right system and guide purchases from start to finish.
Eurotherm created the Expert installer team to ensure the highest levels of quality and professionalism in the installation of its high-performance radiant heating and cooling systems.
Eurotherm Experts are expert qualified installers, always informed of the latest in technology, standards and products through our high-profile training programme.
Our primary objective is to meet the needs of our customers who wish to live their lives in the comfort of a Eurotherm radiant system. Trust it to the Experts and let us guide you through the vast range of Eurotherm radiant solutions to find the one that best suits your needs: be it a floor, ceiling or wall system.
All our systems can operate as heaters or coolers, replacing old radiators and air conditioners in a single solution.

“Because quality is part of our job!”


  • Technical expertise and professionalism.
  • Before and after sales support and flexibility.
  • Speed and efficiency.
  • Customised solutions tailored to the customer.
  • Cutting-edge, guaranteed quality radiant components and temperature control.
  • Systems that are safe and certified in accordance with European Standards.

The result are systems which are installed properly in full compliance with existing laws and regulations.
Eurotherm radiant systems offer efficient operation, high thermal performance and low energy consumption, meeting the needs and expectations of customers who choose to live in a healthy, comfortable environment.
At any time of the day, at home or in the office, at the gym or in church…

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