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Published on Luglio 11th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti




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Production: solar energy, charging, welding

Shifting the limts

The Company

What does performance mean today, in an era when only marginal improvements or “advances in performance” can be attained? Where everyone can already do everything and where everything is already so high-tech, fast and excellent. Fronius searchs for solutions which puts it in front of its competitors.

Fronius International

Since 1945 Fronius has stood for intensive research and the constant search for new, innovative solutions. With locations all over Austria, Fronius International is able to continue to Shift the Limits.

About us : Solar energy

We have been closely involved with solar electronics since 1992.
Our aim is to revolutionise the energy supply of our planet to achieve energy self-sufficiency.
The highest possible level of quality is at the forefront of all our work.
This is demonstrated not only by our powerful, grid-connected inverters, but also by our comprehensive range of system monitoring products.
However, energy self-sufficiency requires more than temporarily available photovoltaic electricity, which is why Fronius has already spent many years researching into efficient ways of storing solar power. Our development of the Fronius Energy Cell represents a milestone for this sector.
The objective is to store excess PV current in the form of hydrogen and to release it again as electricity when required.
The high quality of Fronius is not only apparent from our products, our technical support and unmatched Fronius Service Partner Programme, these are our unique selling points and an important part of our philosophy.
Whenever it starts to develop a new product, Fronius critically examines the prevailing technology on the market and comes up with innovative ideas and new solutions. Solutions that we use in Solar Electronics every day in shifting the limits.

About us: perfect Charging
Superior solutions through superior technology

Fronius supplies a complete range of primary switched mode battery chargers, specifically designed for vehicle starter batteries and traction batteries.
The Acctiva range consists of starter batteries, while the Selectiva range is for traction batteries. The Acctiva product range consists of professional chargers for use in workshops with cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and emergency vehicles.
The Selectiva product range includes solutions for ground conveyors, working and lifting platforms and electric vehicles.
For 60 years, Fronius has been carrying out research and development of battery chargers, a quarter of a century of this, developing the revolutionary Active Inverter technology.
More so: in this field we regularly introduce new ideas and bring revolutionary innovations onto the market.
Our long years of experience guarantee maximum reliability in heavy-duty industrial use, from professionals for professionals.
When it comes to innovations, we do not make compromises.
All our developments are made directly within our company but we always remain in close contact with universities, research institutes, and battery manufacturers.
Only those who are committed to accepting new ways of thinking can start revolutions.
In a positive way. For high tech competence in all sectors.

About us:Perfect welding
From local engineering firm to global technology leader

In 1945 Günter Fronius founded a small company in Pettenbach in Austria.
Its main products were welding power sources and battery chargers.
The company is still in family ownership and its welding technology division is now one of the world’s technology leaders in the arc welding market segment.
It is also the market leader in Europe.
“We are committed to pursuing our expansion course. We aim to play a dominant role in the worldwide arc-welding market” Klaus Fronius describes the future path of the company.
Innovation has defined the welding technology division from the beginning.
For decades it has made significant contributions to advances in welding technology. Over the years, Fronius has launched innovation after innovation. With astounding success.

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