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Published on Luglio 11th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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For a correctly dimensioned system

With the Fronius Solar.configurator , even complex PV systems can be dimensioned problem-free and with optimum results.
You receive the various configuration options and yield forecasts quickly and easily.
Clear presentation and intuitive functions included!


The Fronius Solar.configurator online tool supports the precise dimensioning of PV systems.
It calculates the ideal combination of solar modules and Fronius inverters.
This online design tool means that you can always use the latest solar module and inverter data for system configuration – without having to carry out an update.

The advantages at a glance
-Online design tool for any type of system
-Detailed yield forecast and calculations for east/west configurations
-Includes DATCOM configurator
-Site identification by postcode or directly via coordinates


Design options with the Fronius Solar.configurator
The Solar.configurator offers two ways of calculating the optimum system design:

  1.  Module array calculation.Enter either the desired system power or the number of solar modules and the module types. The ideal inverter type will then be calculated automatically.
  2. Individual inverter layout.Simply enter the inverter and solar module types. The number of solar modules required and their connections will appear. That’s it!
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