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Published on luglio 21st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via L.Romagnoli, 12/a - 40010 Bentivoglio (BO) - ITALY

Phone +39 051 8908111 - Fax +39 051 8908122/3

Production: Hydronic indoor units, CHillers and heat pups, software and hardware

Galletti Group. Growing together.

The Galletti Group’s roots reach back to 1906, the year Galletti S.p.A. was established, one of the first companies to become involved in the air conditioning market in Italy.
The Group originated from a small group of successful managers in the air conditioning sector who, beginning in 1995, by means of the creation from scratch of new companies and through the acquisition of other companies, gave shape to a market force that presently possesses 7 different brands.
Their large intuitive idea was not to establish a single company with a catalogue containing a large variety of different products, but to create seven different companies, each with its own specific expertise in the target sector, that work in perfect synergy with each other so as to be able to present themselves on the market as a single partner.
The Galletti Group’s great strength in all these years was to keep in-house the strategic processes that are the pillars of every new solution.
The synergy of a group of managers was the driving force for establishing the Galletti Group.
The growth of the Galletti company and the evolution of the market opened the way for six other large companies to join the group, with the goal of presenting themselves in the air conditioning sector as a single committed partner.
Thus was established the Galletti Group. Each company in this synergetic relationship has a well-defined identity with specific expertise, to provide a complete range of services to the customer.
The willingness to keep strategic processes inside the company is the key to success of the Galletti Group, which has been able to maintain constant growth over the past few years due to its considerable investments.

The people who form the basis of our success

Galletti has grown with a clear idea of the path it wanted to follow.
The three generations that have successively led the company overcame the difficulties arising over more than 100 years of history due to their ability to roll up their sleeves and start from scratch when it was necessary.
This same tenacity was shown by the hundreds of people in different sectors who have worked at the company with a high level of commitment from 1906 to today.
This is the reason Galletti has always been recognized as a company made up of people who do not give up and who are committed.
The strategic decision to organize vertically and to keep in-house activities such as R&D, design, and production has made possible constant growth year after year, with the development of products that are highly competitive in terms of quality and performance.
Throughout its growth Galletti has always maintained strong ties with its area, in which it has continued to make considerable investments.
Today, this Italian company has expanded its borders to become a leader in the comfort air conditioning market, even internationally.

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