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Published on luglio 21st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Hvac plants supervision systems


ergoGallettiThe ERGO solution, a result of Galletti’s long-time experience in HVAC technologies, was created in response to the need to control heating and air conditioning systems in a simple manner and to make all the individual components of the system intelligent with a view to saving energy.
Specifically intended for: hotels office buildings serviced apartments institutions ERGO is a centralised air conditioning control system composed of a custom software program and microprocessor controllers for the indoor units.
Ergo by Galletti is aimed at building owners, planners and designers and installers, to whom it offers a control strategy that adapts chiller and indoor unit operation to actual thermal load conditions, thus ensuring: energy savings in the production of chilled water simple, economical installation a reduction in operating costs user-friendly operation advanced system monitoring capabilities centralised control over the system The control software is the heart of ERGO.
The software analyses the operation of the indoor units in real time in order to determine the actual instantaneous thermal load of each individual user, an indispensable condition for achieving a regulation strategy that minimises operating costs and ensures that the system will work in the best operating conditions allowed. The intelligent system adapts to the instantaneous load!

MODBUS Protocol 247 points controlled

Chiller operation control Hydronic unit operating control System parameter analysis Setpoint adaptive function Division by areas

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