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Made in Italy


Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 1/3 - 29016 Cortemaggiore (PC) - ITALY

Phone +39 0523 255511 - Fax +39 0523 835191

Production: doors and roller shutter designed to protect homes, offices, public places.

Gardesa: High security door

Company profile

Gardesa dedicates more than thirty years to design and manufacture of armoured – doors and roller shutter designed to protect homes, offices, public places.
It works in the local and International market offering specific products for the single Country, from the Spanish to the Asian one .
Security is therefore the starting condition and the aim daily achieved.
To ensure protection from burglary, Gardesa passes through a continuous innovation, the constant monitoring of performance and technological evolution.
Therefore the experience and professional expertise are fundamental for all people working in Gardesa and with Gardesa.
With this method the company is ready to support a choice of security, responding to real and different needs of buyers.
The result of this process consists of a wide range of quality products, inviolable, of modern inspiration and resistant to wear over time.
The added plus to this is a qualified assistance service and the unique design, excellent materials and finishings.


For a company that produces security, innovation requires spending much time and resources in a fully equipped R & D division.
It means having qualified staff, always minded to upgrade their competences and ready to find solutions.
Innovation is genuine when there is availability to place themselves under examination: testing the product, internally and externally, through institutions and qualified entities to certify the performances.
The check faces the market step by step, through focus groups with selected customers.
The market is the ultimate test and the needs of customers suggests the next road.
Innovation means to get involved. Gardesa accepts the risk in favor of a constant satisfaction of the needs of each client.


Gardesa has chosen a vocation to maintain local roots and at the same time to develop an international strategy within the ASSA ABLOY Group.
People are at the heart of this philosophy.
The goals inside the company are education, professional growth, creativity.
Outside the company, there is a close and constant relationship with partners in the sales network.
Retailers are our voice.
As for the end customers, Gardesa provides information and the necessary assistance to make informed choices for their own safety.
The network of retailers and installers is integrated with Gardesa Assistance, a team of specialists ready to work directly with the end customer.


Gardesa was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of security doors.
The headquarters in Cortemaggiore, in the province of Piacenza, soon became an industrial business, with robotic production lines and increasing sales volumes.
In the nineties, Gardesa started the production of aluminium and steel blinds.
In addition to security doors with mechanical safety lock, the company created Cavò, the first automatically-opening electronic door.
Gardesa established itself as a market leader thanks to constant commitment to the innovation of its product range and the quality of business processes.
The high standards achieved are confirmed by certifications, but Gardesa’s philosophy is that of continuous research. The limit is pushed further each time, security guarantees must comply with national and European standards, in addition to the specific requirements of the individual countries with which the company works.
The quality of production systems is constantly updated.
The R&D department is dedicated to designing new models that respond dynamically to the needs of end customers and interpret the changes in security requirements and the evolution of technology.
In 2000 patent of the subframe Gardesa.
In 2004 Gardesa started a cooperation with Polidesign, Polytechnic of Milan, to study the latest trends in the contemporary way of living. The results are new style doors, such as Asola and Theta.
In June 2008, Gardesa became part of ASSA ABLOY, an international group based in Stockholm, world leader in security access systems. Within ASSA ABLOY, Gardesa had the opportunity to develop its potential in the innovation and manufacture of advanced products and to increase its existing business in foreign markets.
In 2009, the provocative and unique talent of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada met Gardesa technology: the Spanish fashion designer created a specific line of panels for security doors.
The burglar resistance of products is constantly improved.
The evolution of electronic research matured with Sentinel, an active safety device that is “invisible” from the outside and revolutionary Futura, the door which opens with a simple touch.
Gardesa’s latest bastion of defence is Welcome, the door to prevent fraud. Welcome was conceived to provide an additional perspective, that is to meet social needs that had never been considered by security system companies before.


Certification of the production process.
Gardesa has obtained the quality system certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and the environmental certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.
A natural consequence for a company like Gardesa, that has always had a special sensibility and attention to the work environment and to a low environmental impact of its activities.
A choice that looks to the future and that is an integral part of the ASSA ABLOY Group’s philosophy of which today is part Gardesa.

Product Certification

Gardesa security doors are subjected to burglar resistance testing according to European standard UNI EN 1627/1630. The company also meets more stringent requirements for the French market, as provided for by criteria A2P BP1, burglar resistant production process and product certification.
In the United Kingdom, Gardesa has received the CERTIFIRE certificate, awarded to fire-door products and production processes, and the CERTISECURE certification for burglar resistance.
In Slovenia, Gardesa doors are certified for fire-door production processes and products.
The CE mark guarantee can be found on all Gardesa doors, with excellent levels of sound and heat insulation as well as water and wind resistance.

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