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Published on giugno 10th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 1/3 - 29016 Cortemaggiore (PC) - ITALY

Phone +39 0523 255511 - Fax +39 0523 835191


Made in Italy

Dynamic:Electronic Doors-Smart security

Shelve your old keys and conventional locks.
Gardesa goes beyond security, creating a a veritable computerised entrance that dialogues with the user and satisfies all control needs.
In line with home automation trends, Gardesa applies user-friendly systems to its electronic doors, while guaranteeing the highest level of performance.
Gardesa’s state-of-the-art electronic security doors are equipped with an electronic transponder key that throws the bolts in and out, making the operation of the door very simple, practical and above all reliable.
The screen provides access control, and identifies any problems resulting from misuse thanks to a self-diagnostic system.
The keypad allows for setting multiple functions by selecting them from a simple menu.
The electronic card stores up to 500 different keys, customising their use (for example by limiting operation only at scheduled times, the ideal solution for domestic servants), it provides access control by storing up to 1000 events, and uses a self-diagnostic system to identify any errors.




Designed for those who do not want to forgo the additional certainty of mechanical door control, including the electronic and mechanical opening system at the same time.



Electronic-mechanical lock

Fully powered controls allow the opening and the closing of the locking system within few seconds, activating automatically the deadbolts outlet and inlet.
Working: from outside approaching the TRANSPONDER key to the device, from inside opening by push-button or by approaching the key to the device.
Power supply with 6 alcaline batteries 1,5V – D size.
Emergency opening: from outside with high security European Cylinder key protected by a defender, from inside by the sliding thumbturn.;
Class 3 – 15 fixing points
Double doors – 19 fixing points

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