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Made in Italy


Via G. Rossini, 22 - 37060 Castel d'Azzano (VR) - ITALY

Phone +39 045.8546201 - Fax +39 045.518390

Production: Fire resistant waterproofing membrane, Autotene Asfaltico Antipumping, Mineral Design paints roofs and terraces, Unolastic waterproofing one component, Waterproofing of terraces with SelfteneTile, High reflectivity paint White Reflex, Acoustic Insulation, Systems with low environmental impact, Green Roofs,

Advanced waterproofing materials destined for the protection of residential buildings.

Structure and organization
Research, innovation and training are the foundations on which Index has concentrated its efforts since the beginning of its business. Established in 1978, Index soon became one of the most important companies in the world for the production of technologically advanced waterproofing materials destined for the protection of residential, commercial, industrial buildings, major works and civil engineering. In the early 1990s, the company branched out its production, introducing new systems and products into the market like thermal and acoustic insulation, damp-proofing and tile adhesives.

Index is present throughout all the Italian regions and abroad with branches in Great Britain and France and over 100 distributors in the main countries of the five continents. It cooperates with a company called BITEC in America and with a company called UBE in Japan. Through its engineering division Index has sold production lines and Know-How in the United States of America, Japan and China.

Index is structured around five divisions that manufacture advanced systems and materials for the building market:
1st division. Waterproofing membranes, special, special multifunctional and also for the protection of man and environment. Lighterflex Strong – Waterproofing membranes. Super-adhesive waterproofing membranes: self-adhesive, self-heat-adhesive and heat-adhesive. Waterproofing and transpiring under-tile sheets. Canadian-style bituminous shingles.
2nd division. Thermal insulation, in rolls and panels, coupled with waterproofing membranes. Acoustic and thermal insulation materials for floors, walls, ceilings and roofs.
3rd division. Waterproofing liquids. Paints. Mastics. Sealants. Primer. Products for refurbishing asbestos cement sheets.
4th division. Damp-proofing renders. Finishing coats restoration. Renewal of historical and modern buildings. Waterproofing cements. Shrink-resistant mortars. Protective coatings. Additives. Special resins for concrete and masonry.
5th division. Adhesives and accessories for application of flooring and tiling in ceramic, natural and composite stones, mosaics and wood.

INDEX and sustainable building
What does “sustainable development” in the building fields mean?
Green Building, sustainable building, bio-building, bioarchitecture and eco-compatible design are synonyms that indicate the design, construction and management of buildings with an awareness that a decision made here and now will have a consequence everywhere in the future. Therefore, it aims to reduce the impact of building on the environment and is the meaning of sustainable development in the building industry.

GBC Italia, which Index belongs to, has the task of using the common guidelines to everyone in the international community LEED, to develop the characteristics of the LEED Italia system, which must take into consideration the specific climatic, building and legislative conditions in Italy.
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) opts for a view of sustainability by making the most of all possibilities to reduce the various kinds of environmental impacts and harmful emissions of the buildings being built. The LEED standards are parameters for sustainable building, developed in the USA and applied in 40 countries throughout the world.
In order to make a correct design choice with sensitivity to the environmental issue, INDEX produces materials and suggests systems for sustainable building in compliance with the Green Building Council criteria, aimed at:
- reducing the environmental impact of building materials both while they are being laid and while they are in use
- reducing indoor pollution
- reusing materials recovered from pre- and postconsumption of building products
- containing energy in the building
- reducing “urban heat islands”
- reducing greenhouse gas emission
- making progress in living comfort, eliminating the problems of humidity, heat insulation and sound insulation in the building.

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