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Published on aprile 16th, 2014 | by Sara Leonardi



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Made in Italy

ISOLGRECA is an insulating panel.

isolgrecaSelf-extinguishing expanded polystyrene panels shaped to fit metal Decks. These panels have two side overlapping selvedge trimming Ribbons and are coupled to an elastoplastomeric polymer-bitumen Membrane reinforced with rot-proof fibreglass mat for the Refurbishment of corrugated metal decks.

Often buildings with simple metal deck roofing can be used for various purposes over the years making it necessary to integrate the thermal insulation of the simple metal deck with insulating panels, but corrugated metal deck roofing is difficult to cover with flat insulating panels.
The same is true with old metal decks which are no-longer waterproofing which would be expensive to demolish and then rebuild.

ISOLGRECA is an insulating panel, pre-shaped to fit corrugated metal decks perfectly, making it possible to create a flat surface where a waterproofing system can be installed on any kind of metal deck roofing.
ISOLGRECA is a thermal insulation, but also soundproofs the roof reducing the noise produced by the metal deck in the case of rain or hail.

Fields of use:
ISOLGRECA is applied on new or old metal decks to refurbish, waterproof and/or insulate the roof.
ISOLGRECA is a cut-to-size product with the values indicated in the diagram on the back of the technical sheet.
As it is a product cut-to-size and available on request, the purchaser is responsible for assessing and calculating the thermal properties, a calculation which should be done in accordance with UNI10355 and EN-ISO6946 standards as the sheets are of various thickness and the heat resistance is calculated in each single case on the basis of the chosen profile.
The thermal conductivity of the insulating material used for manufacturing the sheets can be seen in the paragraph on technical characteristics. With ISOLGRECA it is possible to waterproof and insulate the most uneven roofing whether flat or curved. For curved roofing the sheets are produced with the underside suitably cut to shape.

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