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Published on luglio 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Varesina, 78/b - 21040 Ierago con Orago (VA) - ITALY

Phone +39 - 0331 - 217.004 / 218.018 - Fax +39 - 0331 - 216.484

Production: Waterborne systems and solvent system:Furniture for inside,Products for parquet and flooring,Outside frames,Special effects(for wood, iron, plastic)

Production of "SPECIAL COATINGS"


The Invebi Coatings company was established in June 1969 and is based at Jerago con Orago near Varese, sited in the north of Italy.
The plant, laboratories and offices are located on an area of 30.000 sqm., in a strategic point for distribution (highways, railways).

More than 40 years ago, Mr. Vittorio Buzzetti, the current owner of the firm, decided to establish INVEBI Coatings simply with the help of his technical knowledge in the wood varnish sector. Thanks to the prompt and satisfactory results, he kept on investing in his firm throughout the years, not only from the financial resources point of view but also in terms of new technologies and, mostly, of human resources.

Invebi Coatings, in fact, is the example of a perfect synchrony between professional skills and attention to people’s need, which are the two main characteristics of a team whose sole aim, from the General Manager to the ordinary worker, is to keep the customer satisfied.
Nowadays, about 30 people work for Invebi Coatings internally, while the firm also makes use of sales agent distributing the following Invebi products in Italy and abroad:

  • Water based sealers and top coats, one or two components, transparent and pigmented, with appearance and properties similar to PU’s
  • Synthetic coatings (fast drying), oven drying, epoxy coatings
  • PU based sealers and top coats
  • Nitro based sealers and top coats
  • Polyester based sealers and top coats
  • Clear and pigmented UV/IST sealers and top coats for spray and curtain coater applications
  • Acid curing sealers and top coats
  • Picture frames complete cycles, including special effects for any kind of finishing
  • Special products for floors: one and two components, UV with high scratching and hit resistance
  • Fast drying oily patinas, solvent or water based
  • Traditional stains for application by spray, roller, dipping, cloth, water and solvent based for application UV/IST: transparent, semi-transparent and uniforming without dangerous solvents
  • Heat resistant coatings
  • Products for outdoor wood protection (impregnating agents, traditional top coats and high thixotropic types), water and solvent based with high resistance to climate variations


  • Furniture, chairs, doors, windows, turned wood and furniture accessories.
  • Picture frames – wood, plastic and expanded material
  • Building sector (floors, windows, doors baseboards-roofs)
  • Electronic Industrial components (pvc, abs, pvs, polycarbonate and carbon fibre)
  • Steering wheel, knob and car accessories
  • Bamboo and rattan furniture and items
  • Glass
  • Playing field signs

Invebi Coatings has a testing centre, where row materials received are controlled for a final security. Each production, of any entity, is submitted to a control of physical characteristics, reproducible technical data, practical application, and storage of “liquid counter samples” (up to six months from the date of production).
Laboratories are located on an area of around 500 sqm., with a test centre equipped with coating and UV application implants.
The most modern research equipment permits to check each industrial cycle. Invebi Coatings is projected into the future through the constant research on technological improvements, updating basing on the market requirements and to the current regulations regarding the protection of health environment..
The research laboratory works constantly for searching and improving water based coatings, which are for sure the future of the market.
It works in perfect synchrony a team from the worker to the manager with the common goal of satisfying customers by giving certainty to receive, both in Italy and abroad, products corresponding to the fully known Italian technology in compliance with regulations and environment.
This is the well known Invebi Service, that our company can supply thanks to its structure which, even if belongs to a PMI category (minor and medium size business companies) is able with a well structured organisation, to maintain the needed human values that our customers require and appreciate.
To provide a more complete service is used a colorimetric System (RAL – NCS) based on the use of a specific colorimetric software developed “ad hoc”, versatile and reliable, it offers a color range up to 2500 colors, made with pigments extremely stable and weather resistant, both indoor and outdoor.
With regard to the products offered, is reflected in the focus of innovation and respect for the environment of INVEBI VERNICI , which mainly points to the expansion of the use of water-based products for interior and exterior in which are totally committed the research resources and development of the company but without forgetting the full range of solvent-based products .
We are looking for distributors or resellers in the wood coating field, in order to expand our business in the foreign market.
We hope we have provided useful information for your professional activity, which can give us the opportunity to undertake new collaborations.

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