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Published on luglio 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Monocomponent water finishing

by Invebi

Finishing water top coat studied expressly for the parquets and internal stairs.
Its paculiar characteristics are the very good support wetting power and exceptional surface hardness and abrasion resistance.

Uses: Parquets stairs and fixture.
Support type: NChestnut bay oak nut


  1. Viscosity Ford 4 20°C
  2. Viscosity Ford 4 20°C after catalysis
  3. Solid content A
  4. Solid content B
  5. Solid content A+B
  6. Pot-life (Life in pot 100 gr/20°C)
  7. Practical useful life at 20°C
  8. Dust free at 20°C after
  9. Touch dry at 20°C after
  10. Dry in deepness at 20°C after
  11. Forced drying 40-45°C after
  12. Light stability

Application: By spray, roll ao paint-brush
Quantity of be applied: 100 – 120 gr/mq
Sanding:after 24 h
Overcoating: with Idropac 2005
Storage:at 20°C 6 months (in the original sealed packing) part A
General notes:always mix the products before use

Category: Coatings, Wood flooring
Tags: IDROPAC FOR PARQUET 2005, invebi, invebi coatings, INVEBI VERNICI, Monocomponent water finishing, Products for parquet and flooring, Waterborne systems, Wood flooring

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