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Published on Aprile 11th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via A. Tonutti, 80/90 - 33034 Fagagna (UD) - ITALY

Phone 0039 0432 638311 - Fax 0039 0432 678022

Pratic has designed and manufactured sun awnings since 1960.

Our involvement with architecture was not a choice, but a natural need deriving from our life style, from the way in which we have innovatively and aesthetically manufactured products for over two generations. For this reason the newly realized Pratic headquarters have been a cause of great pride, giving us a strong drive to go forward with continued determination. In addition to this, from the first meetings with GEZA, we came to understand that the time had come to build something important. Keeping in tune with Stefano Gri and Piero Zucchi we aimed for our building to have lasting qualities, maintaining a minimum profile, obtained through an accurate use of materials. It is here that architecture played its part, for it was important to us that the project be inspired by the quality of work,in order to give space to environments that are balanced, correctly oriented and inserted within the landscape as to create dialogue with the environment and surrounding nature. This reflects our interpretation of the need for environmental sustainability attained through the discreet utilization of clean energy equipment to respond to all of our building requirements. It is in this building that we aim to produce the best products for solar protection on the market.

From design to final product, Pratic offers a complete range of solutions for protection against sun, wind and rain by adapting itself to every architectural arrangement to further enhance external spaces with elements of distinctive Italian design. This is a veritable history that still today, after half a century, continues to hold the Orioli family signature.

Beauty, quality and efficiency have always been our strong points. Our interactions with architecture has enhanced new elements that allow for us to live and work within a unique environment, which is part of a project that expresses excellence as a principle.

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