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Published on Aprile 11th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Via A. Tonutti, 80/90 - 33034 Fagagna (UD) - ITALY

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Made in Italy

Folding arm awning assembled on a tubular square 40x40 steel coated

These strong, practical models protect houses and business activities: they can shape 5 metres depth, always assuring the
maximum security and practicality. The most frequent requests are: roof for covering the fabric when the awning is closed;
stainless steel screws and pivots near the sea or in difficult weather conditions; motorisation and awning automation.

Technical details

  • Extruder aluminium, UNI 6060 alloy, BRINELL 70HB hardness, for assuring high static and dynamic performances.
  • Profiles and sections in aluminium epoxy powdercoating resin polyesters, UV resistant according to QUALICOAT standards.
  • Additional treatments are: phosphochromatizing and tempering for a non-scratch surface and high mechanical qualities of elements.
  • Steel bar on zinc-plated base, rust-resistant.
  • They assure a maximum security thanks to the automatized inserting of fusions with an oil-pressure press and the gluing with  bicomponent epoxy glue, resistant to high temperatures.
  • It is rust-resistant thanks to its stainless steel pins and the chain, which nickelized steel elements are produced one by one and  then assemble together.
  • It has brass centring bushes inserted during fusion: it gives a guaranty of great mechanical features and a perfect centring of pins  and sliding bushes.
  • Its personalized rotation polyamide bushes are highly resistant.


FLEX 300

It is a folding arm awning assembled on a tubular square 40×40 steel coated, highly resistant. Shuffling bearings of the upper arm (and elbow 275 and 300 cm depth) are joint bronze and steel coated with a PTFE mixture.
Supporting components are produced in chill with primary aluminium alloy.
Aluminium epoxy powdercoating resin polyesters, UV resistant according to QUALICOAT standards. Stainless steel screws and pivot.
Geiger gears ratio 1:4,4 with ROTULA system. TENARA® Sewing Thread.

FLEX 300

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