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Published on Novembre 18th, 2020 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy

Relax S.r.l.

Via Leonardo da Vinci, 2/A - 30020 Torre di Mosto (VE) - ITALY

Phone +39.0421.323159

A ten-year history, an experience gained on the shower enclosures market and shared by a qualified team of people.


This is the strong core of Relax, a dynamic company that is characterized as a project in continuous expansion and with a brand recognized and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

The production structure is 10,000 square meters and the supply chain is entirely Italian. This is because our roots remain fundamental and are a continuous source of inspiration to embody Italian excellence, recognized worldwide.

Design made of new lines and shapes

A complete range of products, among which modern design shower enclosures. Relax is recognized for some modern design shower enclosures born from the collaborations with important designers, who have deeply innovated the aesthetics, too often taken for granted.

As an example, the introduction of a double curve in a walk-in, which is usually square. It was considered so interesting that Bobox was patented by Relax for its originality and selected by ADI (Industrial Design Association) for the most important award on Italian industrial design: ADI INDEX.

Functional solutions

Italian excellence is known not only for its design, but also for its ability to develop ideas. Starting from the need to improve the functionality of the shower enclosures, to facilitate its assembly, to make the shower box easy to clean and to improve the duration of the components, Relax has patented excellent solutions conceived and designed by its Research and Development Office.

Furthermore, our experience in the custom-made shower box and in the space-saving shower enclosures allows us to solve multiple situations such as: special needs in height or width, the sloping roof, the presence of small walls, the walls above the bathtub or long asymmetric shower cubicles and narrow bathrooms.


But design and functional solutions are not enough to have a quality shower enclosures.

Here’s why we have:

  • set up a laboratory in which we subject the shower cubicle, components and materials to mechanical stress tests
  • implemented a production process in which manual skills are an essential part for finding defects or imperfections
  • certified the products at the TUV Sud to guarantee in particular 20000 openings and closings, water tightness, durability of materials.

Alongside the customer

Customer service is another central aspect of Relax. We are at the side of our customers both in the choice of the shower box, recommending the most suitable model for the type of bathroom and needs, and in the assembly phase with our official assistance centres and after sales.

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