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Designer shower enclosures

Made in Italy
Designer shower enclosures

18/11/2020 | Relax

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Modern shower enclosures meet both aesthetic and functional requirements.

Relax offers shower enclosures which can suit everyone’s needs but which can above all fit into your bathroom wonderfully.

Relax shower enclosures synthesise design, style and customised solutions.

Do you think that shower enclosures are all alike?

NO, they aren’t.

Relax shower enclosures are perfectly suited to your bathroom. Whether you have a bathroom with traditional, modern or minimal style, Relax will have the truly unique and ideal solution, also custom made, to satisfy your aesthetic tastes.

In short, at Relax we have plenty of ideas to decorate your bathroom, whether large or small, with style and design. All you have to do is choose the designer shower enclosure you like best among the several models proposed by the Italian company. A company which has made innovation, technological progress and beauty its keywords.

You should also consider that quality is another strength for Relax (see the article “the high-quality shower enclosure according to Relax”, in Infobuild of 30/01/2020), so much that all its shower enclosures are certified TUV Sud.

Let’s have a look together at our models according to the different decor styles.


Decorating your bathroom in a modern style, today, means creating designer spaces in a functional way.

A bathroom decorated in a modern style is refined, elegant but also functional, regardless of the size.

What is meant by modern bathroom?

A contemporary, stylish bathroom. The modern bathroom must have clean linear geometries. The fundamental element of the bathroom with a modern design is the shower enclosure, better if installed flush with the floor where the joints are not interrupted by the shower tray but which create a perception of extension of the floor itself. This gives the bathroom a huge aesthetic impact.

Let’s see how innovative design and practical functional solutions are reflected in Relax models.


Bobox is a beautiful, high-quality and innovative walk-in.

Bobox is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a top-quality shower enclosure at a fair price.

Bobox strength is the innovative design.


On the market there are only walk-ins with fixed straight walls. Bobox, unlike all, is characterised by a round end which makes it unique of its kind.

Its bending provides users with 2 major advantages:

  • Greater water containment
  • The glass is better-looking

The special wall profile allows for the glass to be inserted by pressure, without having to use locking screws.

The advantages are two in this case as well:

  • Bobox is easy and fast to assemble

  • Bobox is quick to clean thanks to the lack of the aluminium frame


Another advantage of Bobox: it is a modular shower enclosure which from a simple walk-in can be turned into a corner shower enclosure by adding a door.

It is also very interesting for users that the door can be added at a later time, without having to do anything on the already installed shower wall. The operation is simple and it takes only a few minutes’ work.


Among Relax shower enclosures it stands for style and elegance combined with functionality.

LUXOR is the ideal shower enclosure for those who need to place the shower enclosure on a wall lower than 70 cm.


Luxor, from an initial width of 60 cm, expands up to 80 cm in the middle part.

The clear advantages are:

  • Improved internal use

  • Optimization of the bathroom space

With Luxor the shower tray becomes a designer element. This tray is resistant, easy to clean, highly hygienic, soft to the touch and can be restored over time. It can be installed according to the customer requirements in two sizes: 120 cm or 140 cm in length.

Luxor is also available in the walk-in version without doors and it can be positioned close to a bathtub.



The minimal style is a trend which focuses the furnishing choices on enhancing the simplicity of the elements, with the aim of highlighting the furniture inside the home.

The minimal style favours the practical aspect over an excess of form. Minimal design eliminates the unnecessary and repetitive elements and aims to create a simple and balanced object.

The minimal bathroom undoubtedly includes a shower, with an essential enclosure, like Kubik and Cover M


Kubik is a shower enclosure that is minimal but practical.

Following the precepts of the minimal style, Kubik is a shower enclosure made with attention to the smallest details but without superfluous decorations.

Kubik meets practical and functional requirements without giving up beauty.

This result is achieved first of all thanks to the support arm directly integrated in the shower enclosure. In this way, Kubik does not require external bars as the shower enclosures like other manufacturers do. In the picture below, it is possible to understand the perfection of the system studied and the perfect evenness between the glass and the support bar.


Furthermore, the functional aspect has been developed with the adoption of pivot hinges. Placed at 18 cm from the wall, they allow you to open the door horizontally to the wall. This prevents the door from hitting the tower rail or the wall radiator with the risk of breaking the glass.


Kubik is available both with 6 mm and 8 mm glass, always with a height of 200 cm and anti-scale treatment already included in the price.



Cover M is a perfect combination of form and function.

Relax with the shower enclosure Cover-M strictly adheres to the principles of minimal design which aims to simplify the users’ life, satisfying the need to manage the bathroom at best with the utmost comfort in the entrance.


Cover M is the most minimalist of the shower enclosures produced by Relax as it consists of just a glass fixed to the wall through a hinge. There is no need for an aluminium profile for its installation.


The great visual impact of an all-glass shower enclosure is complemented with a hinge with a studied design characterised by:

  • Door lifting system to prevent the gasket from wearing

  • Glass-flush fixing for a better visual impact and easy cleaning

  • Possibility to be colour-customised



Industrial design consists of essential and functional furnishings characterised by simple lines. This décor favours the use of materials like wood and metals on view, which add a vintage note to the room. If your choice falls on industrial décor, the shower enclosure with black profiles will be the undisputed protagonist of the room.


In the industrial style and especially for shower enclosures, forms and materials are determined by aesthetic considerations rather than their actual function.

Thus, with industrial design the keyword practicality has been replaced by the idea of “recovery and functional review”.

Frame, as a result, is far from high tech but very close to “industrial archaeology”. In fact, it could not be otherwise for places where aluminium finds its best use.

Therefore, Frame makes a fine display in bathrooms allowing for references to old technological materials.

The main characteristic of Frame is a thin aluminium profile which encloses the glass in the four sides. The result is a simple and designer shower enclosure. In the design of Frame, great attention had been paid to the “green” aspect. Its 1 cm aluminium profile is fit onto the glass by pressure, without using glue or silicone.



Axia is a shower enclosure with a very urban, city look.

It perfectly fits into bathrooms with an industrial mood which combine greyish floors with some wooden vintage piece of furniture.

Axia is therefore a robust and functional shower enclosure, characterised by linear geometries with clean essential lines.


Also in the shower enclosure Axia great attention has been paid to the constructive and functional aspects so that the shower enclosure is easy to assemble and clean.

Firstly, its wall profile allows for the glass to be inserted by pressure without using screws.

Moreover, it is possible to detach the door in the lower part in order to enable fast and easy cleaning of the glass.

Finally, the bearings have been designed to guarantee maximum smoothness and high durability.



When it comes to traditional or classic design, we do not refer to an old and outdated style, but an elegant and refined style characterised by unique and precious elements.

Decorating a bathroom following this style means choosing elegance above all.

The shower enclosure will therefore be sumptuous, with rich details like in our models Puro and Unico.


Decorating a bathroom with traditional design represents an always winning choice of style.

Puro is a traditional-style shower enclosure which surprises for its sophistication and refinement of all the elements it is made up of.

It is a shower enclosure which stands out for its “evergreen” taste. It is made from resistant and high-quality materials. In this regard, a particularly successful choice is aluminium: a perfect material to decorate in a graceful way.

The thin frame of Puro encloses the glass, allowing to have sliding doors, no matter how big.


The novelty of Puro aesthetics is the great possibility of customisation given by the decorative profile on the upper part of the shower enclosure, which matches the caps of the aluminium handle. The decorative profile and the caps allow you to match the shower enclosure with the other elements in the bathroom, such as the two-colour taps, the furniture or the other fittings.


The smoothness is ensured by special guides which, unlike all the other shower enclosures on the market, are not in view but are covered with an internal aluminium carter. The importance of this solution is both aesthetic and functional, since cleaning the shower enclosure becomes easier and faster.


An important functional solution is the seal integrated in the frame. While in the other shower enclosures the seal is fitted to the door, in the shower enclosure Puro it is fitted directly into the lower profile. The result is that water tightness is considerably enhanced.


Lastly, to make the shower enclosure cleaning easier, it is possible to detach the door with a flick.



Unico is the shower enclosure which perfectly embodies traditional design as it stands out for the sophistication of its precious and refined details.

Unico creates ancient harmonies in your bathroom. Thanks to its timeless elegance Unico will be the real protagonist of your traditional-style bathroom.

This shower enclosure is very similar to the model Puro we have just seen above. From the latter it takes the upper decoration matched with the handle caps, and the covering carter of the bearings, which make it beautiful and practical to clean.

The difference between the two shower enclosures lies in the lower profile. While in the model Puro it is thinner, Unico aims to functionality in the bottom profile which ensures reversibility. Moreover, cleaning the glass is facilitated by the push-button, which enables the door to be detached by simple and easy pressure.


This higher lower profile has been designed also to enable the use of hinged doors.  Through a pivot hinge placed at 14 cm from the wall, Unico is available both with 1 door and 2 doors. The choice of the pivot hinge guarantees greater safety of the door in the case of wall-mounted tower rails or decorative radiators. In fact, when the door is opened, it is placed horizontally to the wall thus avoiding dangerous shocks.



The latest trend in home décor is Street Art design.

Street Art creativity has no limits and it moves from the street to home interiors.

Graffiti has become a part of home décor over the last few years. The glass panels in the bathroom can be customised using Street Art so as to create a unique and original work of art.

Street Art design is the latest trend to decorate the bathroom. The street art collections created by Relax are perfect for those who love to surprise by combining beauty and convenience in their shower enclosure.

Street art expresses itself in do-it-yourself artworks.

In this case, Relax is available to realise the glass of the shower enclosure according to the customer’s design.

Thus, those who love this type of design will have a highly customised shower enclosure at home.

Relax can join the creativity of Street Art and the functional and practical side of a shower enclosure.

Here are 3 suggestions with different décor solutions inspired by Street Art and ready to liven up and give personality to your bathroom.








Design is inclusive when it is accessible to everyone.

A product not just for a few people, but that can be used also by disabled people or those with reduced mobility.

It is important to realise an inclusive bathroom because it allows everybody to take advantage of the room.

Shower enclosures must be safe, with floor-level trays in order to avoid differences in heights. Moreover they must have safe glasses.

All Relax shower enclosures with an inclusive design are elegant and safe.

They have been designed to guarantee beauty and functionality to everyone, like Light AS+AS or Light AB+AB.


Light AS+AS is a shower enclosure with doors which are fully foldable both inwardly and outwardly.

This shower enclosure is characterised by a double advantage.

  • When you have to take a shower the 2 fully folded doors make the entrance in the shower easier

  • When you need to move inside the bathroom, especially when it is small, the folded up doors ensure better mobility for people.



The shower enclosure Light AB+AB ensure the greatest access to the shower thanks to the 2 doors with full internal and external opening. The profile with magnet ensures perfect adherence of the doors for excellent water tightness.

Its functionality is further highlighted by the door lifting system, which protects the gasket from fast wear.



Relax designer shower enclosures are perfect to decorate your bathroom with taste and elegance.

Whether you have a modern, minimal or traditional bathroom, Relax catalogue will have the right solution for you.

All you have to do is choose the shower enclosure you like best among the several models that Relax has designed to meet your furnishing needs.

Moreover, the customised solutions created by Relax will allow you to have made-to-measure shower enclosures able to make the most of the available space.

In short, Relax designer shower enclosures meet the most varied needs and thus make it possible for all of you to create the bathroom of your dreams


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