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Published on Luglio 21st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Industrial zone, - 89843 Maierato (VA) - ITALY

Phone +390963/255814 - Fax +39 0963/255813

Production: Aluminium wood windows, PVC windows, Aluminium windows, Sliding windows, Shutters and Blinds, Entrance door


SPI insulating windows are the result of the most advanced technology in combination with expert craftsmanship.
SPI insulating windows are an expression of the Made in Italy production quality; synonymous with taste and careful attention to detail.
The high quality of SPI products is made possible by the selection of the highest quality materials, the work of the most competent staff, the use of the most efficient and technologically sophisticated machinery, and cooperation with the most important and trustworthy suppliers in Europe.
All SPI products are created while fully respecting the environment and are provided with performance certificates, awarded by the most accredited Italian certifying bodies.
The rigorous tests performed attest to SPI windows’ optimal compliance with forced opening cycles, water infiltration sealing, air permeability, wind load resistance and the coefficient of acoustic and thermal insulation.
All SPI windows are provided with the CE mark, the European conformity marking, which became a compulsory legal requirement in February 2010.
Buying CE marked windows means being certain that you are installing products which satisfy all the necessary criteria to conform to current regulations.
The range of SPI insulating windows is complete and is comprised of aluminium-wood, aluminium, eco-friendly PVC, PVC and aluminium, aluminium shutters and blinds.
All SPI windows are custom-made.
Their form and colour can be personalised thanks to the infinite range of RAL colours and wood-effect paints, and the vast selection of woods available.
SPI products are delivered by a company-owned fleet of trucks to ensure the maximum level of care and punctuality.
Thanks to their high insulating capacity, SPI windows allow this heat loss to be eliminated and thus create significant energy savings.
In fact, windows are the main source of heat loss within homes cause around 50% of energy-related waste.
Energy savings translate into real financial savings: the insulating capacity of SPI windows brings down heating costs in the winter and air conditioning costs in the summer.
Investing in energy savings within the home is very important: residential construction is responsible for more than 40% of carbon dioxide emissions, a much higher percentage than that produced by car exhaust fumes.
Thanks to their high insulating capacity, SPI windows contribute to the reduction of heat dispersion within homes and therefore, to the protection of the environment and air quality.
What’s more, SPI creates profiles in eco-friendly, 100% recyclable PVC.


SPI’s internal organisation is being gradually structured and alongside the traditional departments (Production, Management, Administration, Purchasing Office, Technical Division) there are innovative departments such as: Customer-Care, Logistics , Communication and Marketing and Research and Development.
Highly qualified personnel, graduates and engineers coming from the most prestigious universities in Italy work in each department.


Every SPI window is the result of the properly Italian passion for quality, a passion that is expressed throughout the production process, from the selection of materials up to the delivery of the finished product.
Only the best, most robust raw materials that are free from harmful substances become components of SPI windows and doors, which are manufactured entirely in Italy.
Every SPI window is individually packaged with extreme care so it is protected from possible damage and transported by own trucks to ensure maximum attention and on-time deliveries.

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