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Published on luglio 7th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via San Michele di Montorio, 3/a - 37033 Verona (VE) - ITALY

Phone +39 045 8921020 - Fax +39 045 8921020

Production: Renovation & dehumidification, Special waterproofing, Consolidation, Protection & Maintenance

Renovation & dehumidification, Special waterproofing, Consolidation, Protection & Maintenance

Tecnored s.r.l. is a company which produces systems for dehumidification and building conservation and is expanding in the Italian and foreign markets thanks to the guaranteed quality of its products and the professionalism of its work.

The company

Founded in 1982 by Paolo Mariani, Tecnored s.r.l. immediately made a name for itself as an advanced restoration company by successfully combining technological aspects with aesthetic, historical and artistic ones.
The company started work by applying special technology for the dehumidification of damp masonry, mainly in the field of artistic restoration, through the dehumidification and restoration of frescoed surfaces and the cleaning, conservation and treatment of stonework and archaeological findings.
Thanks to constant research into new improved dehumidification technology, over time it has become one of the most reliable companies for modifying hydrophobising formulae, creating a specific product for frescoed masonry, TRF 135. Extremely well balanced and refined, the formula does not damage the support or pictorial film in any way, making it possible to proceed with subsequent restoration work.
The company’s strength is innovative products, the fruit of direct experience on specialised work sites, which enables it to adopt a strong market position with state-of-the-art highly competitive solutions.
Frequent requests from companies for suitable formulae for creating a chemical barrier which is effective against the capillary rise of water had considerable bearing on the creation of special disposable devices.
This innovation, subsequently patented, was an immediate success thanks to its ease of application. A direct consequence was the creation of DryKit®System in 1991, which was the company’s core business for more than a decade.
The product was supplied with a user-friendly instruction manual enabling use not only by construction companies but also by private users.
Thanks to the trump card of ease of use for all users and the guaranteed quality of the raw materials in the formulae and patents, DryKit®System became a fixture in the world of formulae for dehumidification. Not by chance, the customer portfolio boasts restoration work such as the Mantegna frescoes in the Ovetari Chapel in Padua, the Olympic Theatre in Vicenza and the Quirinale Palace.
In 2002 Tecnored entered the Spanish market and its products were used by restoration company “El Barco” for major restoration work at the Complutense University in Madrid and Plaza de Espana in Seville.
The product of this successful first collaboration was Demsa, a company through which both companies distribute and apply the product al over Spain.
In 1997 Tecnored launched Plaster&®Dehumidify, a new additive for making macroporous plaster, making it possible to choose the necessary binders and aggregates on a case-by-case basis to make the most appropriate plaster. 2005 saw the launch of Inject&®Consolidate, a consolidating bicomponent made with spherical hydraulic binders and cross-linking resins, ideal for the consolidation of all masonry types and Inject&®Waterproof, an injection-based bicomponent bentonite system, which solves all waterproofing problems in retaining walls. Both formulae are supplied with patented disposable injectors, which can be adapted to different angles.
Terrace®Repair was launched in 2006, a protective waterproofing product against the penetration of rainwater.
Newly formulated products in 2007 were: Splendid®Garage, Rain®Guard and Room®Sterilizer, designed to simplify the restoration of common problems such as maintenance and cleaning of cemented surfaces, the protection of stone materials and cement, and disinfestations from moss and lichen.

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