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Published on luglio 7th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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no limits connector tecnoredThe problem: structural adjustment of floors

The structural adjustment of floors is a problem to be addressed in almost all restructuring work,whether recent or not.
Increased capacity is a constant necessity both for clay/cement floors and wooden floors in rustic houses and buildings.
Replacement would be extremely expensive and create significant problems in terms of logistics and the safety of the work site, with long schedules difficult to plan.

The solution: No-limits connector

The NO LIMITS super connector was created recently to improve the consolidation of wooden floors. It is destined to replace most methods used over the last 20 years.
It consists of a single metal pin obtained from a 16 bar suitably worked with threading for wood in the part to be fixed to girders.
The bar is smooth in the part for floor boards, while the part to be sunk into concrete is hexagon-headed with grooves.
It consists of a single pin suitably shaped to improve mechanical coupling to wood and concrete.

A major collaboration

The convergence of opinion regarding quality and technical innovation in the construction restoration sector led us to set up a major partnership with Rino Zenari, the inventor of the dry connector, and his son Cristian for the distribution of this important European patent all over the country.
Important adjustments have been made to the traditional connector in order to make significant improvements to its structural performance, which can be checked using the calculation program available on our web site, and processed with the wood-concrete connection values obtained from using the “Turrini” method.
The NO LIMITS super connector, which can be used on wood or concrete alike, enables notable savings on the number of connectors to be used, without mentioning the highly reduced laying times as a result of its simplicity.


connection layout

Category: Soil consolidation
Tags: consolidation of wooden floors, NO LIMITS CONNECTOR, Soil consolidation, structural adjustment of floors, tecnored

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