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Published on luglio 17th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Loc. Merlaro, 2 - 25078 Vestone (BS) - ITALY

Phone +39 0365 877 011 - Fax +39 0365 81 268

Production: Waste and water, supply systems, underfloor heating system, flush cisterns

Quality for plumbing

A remarkable group of International firms

When there is strength in numbers
Valsir was founded in 1987, on the basis of a precise industrial strategy adopted by the Fondital Group – a holding that is leader in the plumbing and heating market with a sales turnover of over 900 million Euro and 2,600 employees – with factories in Italy, in Valsabbia to the north of Brescia and abroad in Portugal, Poland, Russia, Romania, the Ukraine, France and South Africa.
Valsir is today a solid and expanding firm within a group whose true points of cohesion and strength lie within a strong sense of collaboration and the contribution of specific professional skills of each single component.

Valsir today

Italian head and heart. Global focalization.
The head and heart of Valsir are in Vestone, in Valsabbia, on the route which leads from Lake Garda to the Brenta Dolomites.
It is here that the strategies of this globally oriented company are defined, involving business agreements and joint-ventures in Europe, Asia and Africa.
Economic growth, technological development, pursuit of quality, on-going research, project design activities, the strong presence in European markets and in the rest of the world are the elements that have guided and still guide Valsir policies today.

Quality and environment

Respect for our environment has a cost, but also a value.
Our valley and its people have taught us that efficient production processes and reliable products are not the only parameters by which the conduct of a company should be evaluated.
Of equal importance is the capacity of the company and its management to design and implement production processes that are sustainable from an environmental point of view.
Valsir has always been committed to manufacture recyclable products and the implementation of sustainable processes, in line with the most advanced Green Building principles (green building and environmentally friendly project design), and today boasts highly sustainable production plants which, thanks to the use of renewable energies and planning that aims at the conservation of resources, have obtained the energy certication in class A.
The consistency of Valsir’s commitment is shown by its product approvals which amount to over 160 in total obtained around the world from the most severe certification bodies (figure updated on 06/02/2013), and by the quality system in compliance with the European Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Continuous innovation for a competitive advantage

Innovation and the spirit of enterprise – the latter intended as the capacity to identify and seize new business opportunities – represent the key proficiencies for the future development of companies and for boosting entire economies.
Valsir believes in the strength of innovation and for this reason every year invests approximately 1.7% of its turnover in Research and Development. The result of its efforts in this field can be seen in the eleven different product lines with over six thousand articles and over twenty European patents, developed by a team of specialised engineers and technicians that avail of well-equipped laboratories for the preparation of prototypes and testing of new products that are subject to stress tests that go far beyond the requirements of the most severe international standards.
A technological development that also entails a deep knowledge of the production process and plants; from the capacity therefore to design them and often to construct them. In Valsir, plant parts and molds are designed and constructed thanks to the internal experience of staff that allow all the phases of the innovation process to tracked, also thanks to the extensive use of the most modern technologies available on the market. All this, however, is not enough for us. Because in Valsir you never finish learning.

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