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Published on luglio 17th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Loc. Merlaro, 2 - 25078 Vestone (BS) - ITALY

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Made in Italy

Modern technology for every type of building.


Underfloor heating and cooling systems.

Valsir delivers a series of packages that meet all the possible system requirements inside civil and industrial buildings and for the elimination of snow and ice from outdoor areas.
The heating and cooling system designed specifically for residential buildings and offices where the laying height is at least 72 mm.

v-erre-bigV-ERRE system is the ideal solution in buildings where laying space is limited but we don’t want to forego the advantages of a Valsir floor heating and cooling system.
The coupling of a rigid pocketed sheet with a molded polystyrene sheet allows the space occupied to be significantly reduced.
By using the V-Acustic multi-layer soundproof floor covering over screed of 100 kg/m2, performance improvements of 28 dB are achieved.
Noise reduction to impact sounds. (UNI EN 12354-2 – App. C2) ΔLW > 28 dB



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