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Published on giugno 25th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Via Bazzanese, 2/7 - 40033 Casalechio di Reno (BO) - ITALY

Phone +39 051 2988511 - Fax +39 051 571274


Made in Italy

Mono Cell: 125x125mm

mono cell jinko solar

Mono Cell by Jinko Solar

  • Up to 19.40% efficiency, one of the highest performing mono crystalline cells on the market
  • Two bus bars for maximum stringer compatibility
  • Blue anti-reflecting coating allows more sunlight be captured and converted to electricity
  • Finer, closer fingers improves charge collection while minimizing shading
  • Better performance in low light conditions for improved energy yield
  • Lower light-induced degradation leads to greater power output over the entire module lifetime
  • All solar cells are tightly classified to optimize output of module
  • Maximum yield and longevity due to hotspot prevention
  • Premium appearance results in a highly uniform and aesthetically appealing module



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Category: Photovoltaic
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