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AECOsim Building Designer For Architects

AECOsim Building Designer provides architects with key features that help them improve project quality, reduce risk, and save money in the design and documentation of buildings.

Building information modeling

  • Comprehensive and dedicated tools for every type of building component
  • Parametric, dimension-driven creation and modification of building components
  • User-definable attribute schemas (property sets) for any type of building object
  • Inherent component attributes and properties significant for design, documentation, analysis, construction, and operations
  • Embedded parameters, rules, and constraints to capture design intent
  • Relationships and associativity between architectural elements for rapid design changes
  • Flood-option for automatic generation of spaces, floors, and ceiling slabs
  • Automated placement of finishes to walls and columns
  • Suspended ceiling tools with space height detection option
  • Terrain modeling, roof, and stair builder tools
  • Support for international steel section tables
  • Powerful solid modeling for easy creation of virtually any form
  • Double-curved surfaces and solids for accurate construction information and smooth rendering

Ease of use

  • Work in plan, elevation, isometric, or perspective view
  • AccuDraw function
  • Choice to work in 2D plans, 3D models, or both – with a single set of tools
  • Storage of “most recently used” input
  • Enforcement of national, corporate, and project standards
  • Multiple filtering options (e.g., by level, by symbology, by attribute, by selection set)
  • Customizable interface and workspaces
  • Floor management tool for floors and floor reference planes
  • Online help

Construction documentation

  • Creation of coordinated floor plans, sections, and elevations
  • Automatic coordination of architectural design and construction documentation
  • Automatic resymbolization of 3D objects to 2D symbols
  • Material-dependent hatching/patterning, annotation, and dimensioning
  • User-definable labeling of building objects and spaces
  • Incremental doors and window numbering
  • Room and component schedules, quantity and cost calculation, specifications
  • Compatibility with office automation tools for further processing and formatting

Design visualization and 3D output

  • High-end integrated rendering and animation tools, including radiosity and particle tracing
  • Export to STL to support rapid model making and prototyping with 3D printers, laser cutters, and stereo lithography machines
  • Support of 3D Web formats, such as VRML, QuickVision, panoramas
  • Publish AECOsim Building Designer models to the Google Earth environment

Support of 3D within Adobe PDF

  • Creation of Adobe PDF documents directly with embedded 3D navigational models
  • Include DGN and DWG drawings, project documents, renderings, and interactive and animated 3D models
  • Navigate models in PDF using hyperlinks and bookmarks

Support of international and custom standards

  • Create, manage, verify, and enforce company and project standards
  • Support for U.S. and other national CAD standards
  • Support of DGN, DWG, DXF, PDF, STEP, IGES, STL, and other major industry standards
  • Import/export of IFC 2x, the emerging standards for sharing building information
  • Viewing of ADT multiview blocks

Interoperability with building engineering, analysis, and facilities management

  • Full integration with other disciplines, Bentley Facilities, and more
  • A shared multidisciplinary model for team collaboration and coordination
  • Interference detection across multiple files and disciplines
  • Simulation of construction schedules in conjunction with project management applications, such as Microsoft Project or Primavera P3
  • gbXML export/import for creation of analytical model for energy analysis via (beta)





Advantages for Architects

Develop information models for buildings

  • Achieve greater design quality on time and on budget
  • Avoid cost overruns, delays, and claims and increase revenue
  • Improve client services and gain a competitive advantage
  • Develop building information models (BIM)




Compress design development time

  • Rapidly design and model the most complex buildings
  • Gain more time to evaluate more design options
  • Achieve significant time savings in the design development phase
  • Compress building design development time



Create virtually any form

  • Rapidly create complex parametric objects and assemblies
  • Create unlimited combinations and variations of parametric components
  • Create without limits
  • Create complex parametric objects and assemblies




Get immediate visual feedback

  • Forget the need to export models to external visualization application
  • Streamline the creation of convincing client presentations
  • Better communicate design intent and project information to stakeholders
  • Immediate visualization of building information models




Reduce construction documentation time

  • Create coordinated construction documents
  • Control every aspect of representation
  • Achieve significant time savings in the construction drawings phase
  • Reduce construction documentation time




Predict performance, quantities, and costs

  • Query any aspect of the building information model
  • Make geometry changes through associated attributes
  • Generate accurate schedule and reports
  • Predict performance, quantities, and costs

Avoid errors and omissions

  • Assure consistency across all forms of project documentation
  • Enforce compliance with corporate and project standards
  • Capture knowledge for reuse on subsequent projects

Empower your organization

  • Work the way you want thanks to flexible workflows and tools
  • Use AECOsim Building Designer right out of the box with localized content
  • Shorten the learning curve with a single interdisciplinary tool for everyone
  • Collaborate and interoperate across and within teams

Collaborate seamlessly across disciplinary borders

  • Interoperate across different file formats
  • Share and synchronize project information securely with project partners
  • Manage change effectively and protect your intellectual property




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