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Published on Aprile 1st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Very fine, premixed, breathable mortar for renovating and/or dehumidifying plasters for indoor use

ANTOL RISAN SYSTEM FINISSIMO is a ready-to-use, pre-mixed, fine-grain mortar. Just add water and mix.
The product formula consists of special hydraulic binders, hydrated lime, calcium carbonate crystal powder, adhesive resins and specific additives.
The product is designed for use as an indoor finish plaster on ANTOL RISAN SYSTEM INTONACO WTA, ANTOL RISAN SYSTEM DEIDRO, ANTOL RISAN SYSTEM DEIDRO PROJECTION e ANTOL RISAN ONE. Mixed with water it forms a creamy plaster with excellent workability and good thixotropic properties. Antol Risan System Finissimo
Easy to apply with a trowel. Excellent adhesion and fully compatible with plaster substrates.
Thanks to its special formula, when applied the product forms a porous structure which ensures a very high level of breathability and an excellent smooth appearance.
ANTOL RISAN SYSTEM FINISSIMO is available in white.

Packaging: 15 kg vacuum bags

Consumption: 1,2 kg/m² per mm of thickness

Technical data sheet

Category: Mortar and Plaster
Tags: mortar, Plaster, thixotropic

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