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Published on giugno 16th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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With ARCHI-NET®, light and shadow are projected into a new and innovative dimension of space.

Alongside the traditional Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO production of steel components for industry (wire mesh and cloth, perforated plates, conveyor belts, reactor internals, separators and hexagonal grids) a specific line of wire weaves for architecture has now been added: ARCHI-NET®.
With ARCHI-NET®, light and shadow are projected into a new and innovative dimension of space.
Wire mesh, cloth and woven wires make it possible to create games of transparency, where voids and solids redesign the architecture of spaces.
Projections and moving portions of light create new geometries with reflections that stimulate new forms of “filtered” architecture and interpreted art.




ARCHI-NET® wire cloths are used in architecture for both exterior and interior applications.


  • Facades: ARCHI-NET® wire cloth used in facade coverings requalify buildings, giving them a “face lift”.They are used to renew facades, adapting them to a contemporary context, allowing the old and the modern to live side by side. The use of wire cloth in historical buildings allows the conservation of the original architectural style of the facade.ARCHI-NET® are functional products; in contemporary architecture, for new design projects, they are used to introduce lightness, flexibility and light.
  • Car parks
  • Sunscreens:  ARCHI-NET® wire cloths have two functions: light reflection and filtering.Some types of wire cloth eliminate solar irradiation and improve thermal comfort inside the building.
  • Safety balustrading
  • Gates: Some type of wire cloth, for example those made from large diameter metal wires, can be used to create ‘bays’ for gates.
  • Street furniture
  • Supports for climbing plants
  • Pedestrian bridges


  • Curtaining
  • Partitions
  • Interior design
  • False ceilings
  • Interior furnishing
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