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Published on giugno 5th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

An ArchiCAD plug-in for creating or importing tables of text or numbers into ArchiCAD.

ArchiTabula by Cigraph is an ArchiCAD plug-in for creating or importing tables of text or numbers into ArchiCAD.
The table contents can be processed into grid form or, if conditions allow, into graph or diagram form with a wide range of customized formats.
The contents of the tables created and arranged on the sheet can be updated at any moment without losing the formatting.
The elements placed on the sheet are library parts, maintaining a dynamic connection with the data file.
They are directly updated when the original document is modified.




Work method

The first step to start work with ArchiTabula is to activate the tools palette.
To do this just open the ArchiTabula menu and select the Display ArchiTabula palette option.
The command is available from any 2D window (Plan and Section/Elevation).
The palette consists of six buttons serving six different functions.
The first Create/Modify Spreadsheet allows you to create electronic sheets for the insertion of information containing text, numbers and mathematical formulae.
The method of use is similar to a normal worksheet, the only limitation, due to API development space, is the size of the sheet composed of 128 lines and 64 columns.
ArchiTabula allows you to open files in tabulated text format, the save format for ArchiCAD Calculation Lists, and to save them in .SLV format after processing and insert them as objects in the ArchiCAD work plan.
Another ArchiTabula function is the Calculator, similar to a conventional one, but with added features which make it popular among users: the option of memorizing up to eleven numbers, visible in the lateral extension panel of the calculator and easy to call up; the Read Length and Read Area buttons which allow you to read data relating to the size of 3D and 2D elements in the plan or in the sections/elevations.
There is a double data reading method, or rather you can first select the elements on the plan and then activate the reading functions, or vice versa.
These values can also be memorized in the calculator display.
Spreadsheets can also be created with ArchiTabula using the Spreadsheet Object tool.
The reference files are those previously created in .SLV format and are opened directly in the dialogue window.
You can also set a series of graphic features in the same window like the background color of the spreadsheet or the font.
The spreadsheet on the plan is an ArchiCAD object and as such can be reopened and modified
It is quick and easy to choose the type of graph you want to display, thanks to a series of icons in the settings window.
As for spreadsheets, all the information for graphs regarding the fonts, size and display colors can be set.
The Caption Object function creates a caption with a predefined structure, divided into boxes, which change size according to the data inserted.
There is also the option of displaying a personal logo with adjustable size and position.
The font type used can vary from box to box. After setting, the caption can be saved and placed on the plan as an object.



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