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Published on Aprile 15th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Waterproofing coverings

Glass felt impregnated with distilled, selected bitumen modified with polypropylene resins, whose quality is constantly tested.

It is ideal as a “vapour pressure diffusion and equalisation coating”, (UNI 8178-5.8). If combined with appropriate aerators, it reduces the moisture level of the coatings underneath. It allows the laying of half-adhesive waterproofing coverings. In the side-wall areas near chimneys, skylights, waste outlets, etc., COVERHOLE should not be laid. In these areas the waterproof covering has to be applied with full adhesion for 50 cm width. cover

In order that a waterproof facing made in bitumen-polymer membranes is in conformity with CE mark requirements and guarantees long life and full protection from atmospheric agents, some important instructions must be strictly followed:
– the membrane must be in conformity with the use destinations included in the CE mark
– always stagger the sheets when applying a double layer, not crisscrossing each other
– always use similar bitumen-polymer membranes
– overlap the sheets – 10 cm per side and 15 cm on the top
– do not leave the rolls in direct sunlight
– after the covering has been exposed to 90 days of UV light and has been become oxidised, apply the protective coatings: 2000, Ecosilverall or Coverame.
– always choose high-quality bitumen-polymer membranes to guarantee high performance and long life
– do not lay the rolls horizontally
– round off sharp angles, where two different structures join together (horizontal and vertical)
– after the torch welding, seal the joints between the sheets and the side walls by using SHELL TIXOPHALTE
– heat the entire width of the roll thoroughly when laying in order to avoid “creeping” i.e. irregular pulling
– do not apply on surfaces made in cellular concrete and/or wet and non-seasoned footings

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