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Published on luglio 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Via per Sacile, 158 - 31018 Francenigo di Gaiarine (TV) - ITALY

Phone (+39) 0434 768462 - Fax +39 0438 694617


Made in Italy



by 4-NOKS

Key features

  • An innovative way to optimize the self-consumption and to monitor the single-phase photovoltaic installations on mobile devices by smart App anytime, anywhere
  • It measures :

-energy generated by the plant
-energy bought and sold to the grid
-household consumption (calculation of the Energy consumed by the customer)
-available self-generated power

  • Self-Consumption optimisation: simple intuitive and engaging graphical interface – colour indicators to encourage use of surplus energy.┬áMaximize the use of the PV generated power with the accessory Power Reducer (with Elios4you from serial number 13240xxxx)
  • Wi-Fi technology
  • Universal: it can be used with all the photovoltaic installations, independently from any inverter and any meter installed
  • Easy to use and install: retro-fitted without any tampering
  • Trasmission of the measurement/calculations to Tablet/Smartphone/Pc/4-CLOUD through Wireless technology each 5 seconds
  • Data storage of last 60 days with new updates each 15 minutes on Elios4you device
  • It can report possible service anomalies:

-inverter connected by clean contact (if available)
-thermal magnetic circuit breaker or differential circuit breaker by auxiliary contact
-loss performance after 4 hours during peak hours (e.g. from 10.00 to 14.00)

  • Available in the versions with tablet and without tablet

How it works:

Elios4you is part of the fusebox wiring at home; with two CT’s it measures the electricity generated, the energy purchased from and sold to the grid and household consumption in real time. The data is transmitted wirelessly to a Tablet, Smartphone and also to the broadband router which uploads the data to 4-CLOUD*. A perfect solution for ral-time data on any device anytime, anywhere and anywhere.

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