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Published on giugno 27th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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FreeTime: exterior wood flooring

wood species free time gazzottiCharacteristics Free Time Line
FreeTime is the range of wood floors for outdoor use by Gazzotti: a quality product due to the care during treatment and wood processing.
FreeTime resists to water or other weather conditions and, thanks to its high strength and elegant appearance, FreeTime is ideal for paving terraces, pool edges, penthouses, platforms and walkways in gardens: a touch of sophistication that enhances outdoor spaces, making them more comfortable, pleasant and natural, in harmony with modern building trends.


All FreeTime products FreeTime undergo a rigid seasoning cycle of the wood species. After installation, the floor must be cleaned and necessarily be treated with the special protective oil Sundeck Oil Gazzotti in order to ensure proper preservation of the flooring over time.

The FreeTime products are not guaranteed if they are not laid following the instruction in the product sheet or if the surface is not treated with Sundeck Oil.
Over time the visible part of wood, exposed to atmospheric agents, will become slightly grey and can show some small cracks. Therefore they must not be considered as defects, but as a natural characteristic of wood kept outdoors.


The stability of the flooring is guaranteed by the correct humidity level of wood, obtained with long natural processes; the use of Sundeck Oil; the laying done following the producer’s instructions.
Wood is a natural material and therefore even if it is well treated and selected, it is subject to a strong hygrometric and thermal stress when exposed to weather. Alternating daily cycles (day-night), seasonal cycles (summer-winter) and weather conditions (rain-sun), exposes wood to a continuous attempt to reach humidity equilibrium with the surrounding environment.
Because of this, after the installation, wood can show different characteristics like micro-cracks in the strips or helix deformation (twist) of the strips.
These characteristics are simply consequences of the natural character of wood and they cannot be considered as defects of the product.
The support profiles, necessary to install the planks or those already included in the tiles are made of the same wood species as the floor and therefore they guarantee more stability and strength in time.

Accidental damages

All the products allow the replacement of the single damaged elements: we suggest keeping an appropriate stock of the used product.
When replaced, the new element will show a different colour: when exposed to sunlight, after some time, it will however turn into the same colour as the other elements.

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