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Published on febbraio 27th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Tile shaped insulated panel

Isocoppo Tek is not a simple insulated metal sheet but an integrated roofing system, with a complete range of accessories, which satisfies any planning or architectural requirement. Outside Isocoppo Tek keeps its tile shape, while an insulated polyurethane foam is introduced inside by injection process.Isocoppo is an insulated sheet, lends itself to many uses and has no limitation.

It is ideal for civil roofing, in particular in areas of architectural interest, for structures and service buildings, such as schools, gymnasiums and social centres.

coppotek -  sezione trasversale
IsoCoppo Tek – Tile shaped insulated panel transverse section

Suitable for:

  • civil and industrial buldings and for old roof renewal

Minimum slope:

  • 15 %

Standard production:

isocoppo alluminio preverniciato isocoppo acciaio preverniciato isocoppo in rame
Prepainted aluminium
Prepainted steel

Technical features::

  • high load bearing
  • insulated
  • modular length
  • complete with accessories
  • easy to assemble

IsoCoppo Tek sheets standard lengths:

  • 2.230 mm
  • 2.580 mm
  • 3.280 mm
  • 3.980 mm

*For quantities bigger than 500 m2  it is possible to value extra standard sheets dimensions.

Isocoppo Tek insulated sheet  —longitudinal sections

Lateral overlapping of half a corrugation Fixing on wood

Available colors:

Standard Special
isocoppo rosso coppo
isocoppo rosso coppo antichizzato
Terracotta red
(special mat)
Terracotta red “old tile” weathered finish (special mat)
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