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Published on Giugno 18th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Coatings for modern furniture

natural matter icaThe ICA Group Natural Matter range encompasses 15 shades that fit in perfectly with the current trends in the finishing of modern furniture, which are increasing geared towards highlighting the natural beauty of the wooden surface.
The shades draw their inspiration from the colors of cereals and spices such as barley, spelt, cinnamon and ginger.
The stains have been specifically designed for application to selected wood species, such as knotted oak, and successfully bring out the naturalness of the wood grain.
To preserve the natural effect to the greatest possible extent, the new shades can be overcoated with NATURALTOUCH or NATURWOOD, which protect the surface without altering its material appearance.
The nuances of the NATURAL MATTER range complement the well-established MY LAB system, which enables users to create unique combinations with the 70 metal-effect coatings of LIQUID METALS range.

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