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Published on febbraio 2nd, 2018 | by Raffaella Capritti


Ceramiche Refin S.p.A.

Via 1° Maggio, 22 - 42013 Salvaterra - Casalgrande (RE) - ITALY

Phone +39 0522 990499 - Fax +39 0522 849 270


Made in Italy

Concrete Art


Overlay is the result Refin research, the transfer of a particular  painting technique to ceramics, creating shaded effects generated  by “brush strokes” layered on a concrete base. A virtual overlay that  conveys strong material sensations, defining a collection with a
decisive and expressive character. Overlay gives spaces an urban,  graphic and slightly raw mood. Overlay is available in many sizes, rectangular and square, also with honed and soft finishes.

Thanks to the know-how developed over the years  with its many collections, Refin has developed types of surface finishes for porcelain stoneware that offer different visual results and that also have specific characteristics in relation to their intended use.
The matt finish, considered standard, is neither glossy nor rough and guarantees non-slip performance even for commercial or high-traffic environments.
The honed finish tends to make the ceramic surface polished and reflective, smooth to the touch. The soft finish is somewhere between matt and honed, with a soft but non-reflective surface.
Precisely for its pleasant feel, it is especially suited for walls, but also for floors where no special anti-slip characteristics are required.

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