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Published on maggio 29th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

PLANE DOOR: model door

The door, model PLANE DOOR, is composed by 47 mm.-thick insulated wings which have an inner perimeter frame, made of galvanized steel.
Wings are covered by smooth 7/10-thick metal sheet , that can be pre-varnished with all Sicc’s colour spectrum.



To protect the door wings, to avoid the surface to become scratched, a self-adhesive protective film is stuck on and has to be removed by the installers at the moment of installation.
Our standard is to supply the steel door case black coloured and ready to be fixed on masonry.
Hinges are made of aluminium, they have three wings and they are black coloured.
This door is equipped with inside and outside handle, with lock, with bottom nylon brush which has its black aluminium support, and with black rubber seals for the beating side.
Any secondary wing is blocked by sliding bolts or espagnolette bolts for closure.
This door functioning is guaranteed with a temperature between -30°C and + 70°C.

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