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Published on aprile 15th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Metal Line shingles: Prestige

Prestige Compact is a tile with copper finish that, due to the large measurements of the plate (100 x 34 cm) and the elevated effect granted by the shingle cover plate, enables us to appreciate the roofs of all shapes and sizes, giving the “prestige” of traditional copper roofs in any urban context. Anonimo

With the Prestige Compact tiles it is possible to obtain, by offsetting the overlap of the plates, different designs depending on the requirements of the project.

The metal tiles

Copper, for its specific nature, is subject to a continuous oxidation process, therefore, the non-uniformity of the colour on the roof is a valuable feature of this material.

Category: Roofing

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