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Published on luglio 21st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Roof insulation and micro-ventilation

teknoroof_venestVenest TEKNOROOF is an insulation panel designed to make building micro-ventilated pitched roofs easier, faster, safer and more efficient.
For years TEKNOROOF has been combining multiple functions in the area of pitched roof ventilation: thermal insulation, vapour barriers, microventilation. Now the introduction of our new metal batten goes further, bringing new benefits to a product that is already technologically highly competitive.
To guarantee the long-term durability of a discontinuous roof made of laterite and/or cement materials, such as curved or flat terracotta tiles, a microventilation layer below the cover is essential.

The free circulation of air from the gutter edge to the peak ensures:

  • the elimination of excessive heat caused by radiant heat in summer;
  • longer-lasting curved and flat tiles thanks to similar temperatures and moisture levels on the outside and underside of the roof.


  • Improved ventilation

Thanks to its redesigned metal profile, which is now 43mm high, the microventilation system has improved significantly and guarantees
220 cm2/m linear metre of air, ensuring better air flow evenly distributed throughout the roof. This guarantees better heat dispersal and more effective insulation of the underlying structure.

  • Easier laying of curved and flat tiles

With the new profile tiles are easier to fit and are held in place more securely.
Tile layers now have about 20 mm available to position the tile at the top of the batten for fastening.
Improved mechanical strength

Another benefit of the larger batten is that it will take a heavier load when the panel itself is being laid, allowing the layer to move about more freely on discontinuous surfaces*. Furthermore the new spot welded box structure contributes significantly to the rigidity of the product.

  • Wider range

-Lengths 2400
-Steps from 330 to 385 mm
-Thicknesses from 60 to 120 mm


Improved ventilation
Compared to the traditional system for laying microventilated roofs using wooden laths, the TEKNOROOF microventilation system ensures the right volume of airflow evenly distributed throughout the roof.
Insulation – energy savings
TEKNOROOF ensures effective insulation with considerable savings of up to 40% on heating costs.

A second waterproof layer
The TEKNOROOF panel by itself once laid provides a screen against vapour and a waterproof layer against accidental roof leaks.

Vapour barriers and distribution sheets are not required.


Download the technical data sheet

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