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Published on giugno 13th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Chiabotti Rea, 9 - 12060 Monchiero (CN) - ITALY

Phone +39 0173 792010 - 6 - Fax +39 0173 792011

Production: Windows

A relation of trust, made up of knowledge, experience and intuition


Navello started out in 1824 as a carpenters’ workshop in the village of Dogliani, with a passion for working wood that has now been handed down through seven generations.
The company’s position in the market has been established gradually over the years, through its specialization in the production of windows.
The transformation from craft enterprise to industrial concern began immediately after the Second World War, focusing initially on the building industry.
From 1975 on, the commercial building industry was gradually abandoned in favour of the growing retail market, and over the last ten years the company has concentrated on the home and renovation markets, developing an increasingly specialist range of products with its own brands and designers.
With its acquisition of new market shares, in 1995 work began on the building of a factory in the village of Monchiero. The layout of the new plant was specially designed to meet the specific needs of retailers, catering for flexible production and streamlined lead-times.
In the building of the 10,000 m² facility on a 20,000 m² site particular importance was attached to its impact on the environment and to providing the highest work safety standards.
Navello windows are inspired by a long-standing love for wood, combined with a great respect for the environment and nature.


Navello places the customer at the centre of daily commitment.
A relation of trust, made up of knowledge, experience and intuition is what ties Navello to its customers.
Caring for their needs is the key element of the company’s success.
The primary aim is to guarantee the satisfaction of the customer’s needs and wishes at an adequate price.
Thanks to a long tradition and experience, added to a modern company organisation, it is possible to reconcile an excellent productive elasticity with the demands of the rigid requests of an industrial activity.
The constant research of product quality, guaranteed by a system o f certified quality UNI EN ISO 9001, permits the production of doors and windows that are different, one from the other, united by respecting the strictest control standards for being waterproof, air tight, windproof, soundproof and thermic transmittance.
Quality starts with the searching of adequate raw materials (e.g. wood is purchased at the origin of American, Scandinavian sawmills etc.) and continues with tests during production up to the final test.
Thanks to the internal organisation, it is possible to deal with orders in a brief time, regarding the specific requests of the customer.


Grading of the wood begins where it is sourced, and continues when it arrives on site, where its properties – including the percentage of humidity – are checked.
In storage it is protected from atmospherical agents: air, water, snow, sun.
Natural impregnation is not recommended, because the absence of colouring pigments reduces the protection of the window against atmospherical agents.


Wood is the oldest natural and renewable material used for the construction of Windows.
Choosing only one coming from tightly controlled plantations, in accordance with the life cycle of trees and without depleting the forest heritage, promotes the necessary recycling and reforestation.
In the period since World War II to 1980 the Italian forest area has grown by 30%, while from 1985 to today has grown another 20%.
With the same rhythm grow the European and North American forests.
Those who argue that cut trees means, impoverishing the heritage that gives many benefits to humanity, are ecologists of the last hour or businesses that “filantropicamente” are meant to help not to cut trees, perhaps by proposing less “sustainable” materials (e.g. plastics).
In addition, all materials exposed to the elements are subject to decay.
The concrete crumbles, iron will rust, the plastic “dry” and the aluminum oxidizes.
The time, in recent years helped by the smog and acid rain, not save anything.
But wood, among the various materials normally used in the construction of window frames, has the characteristic that, although are overlooked the normal cleaning and maintenance procedures, both anyway restorable.
Buy a wooden window frame means then make a choice according to nature.

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