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Published on giugno 13th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Via Chiabotti Rea, 9 - 12060 Monchiero (CN) - ITALY

Phone +39 0173 792010 - 6 - Fax +39 0173 792011


Made in Italy

The window that communicates with the environment

Completely in wood, elegant and simple, NOVECENTO by Navello adapts to any environment thanks to a wide range of accessories.
Offers high levels of thermo-acoustic insulation which improve the welfare housing in compliance with current regulations.


Window with 68×78 mm section sash and 68×68 mm frame, flush hardware with visible catches, flush hinges and standard grey hinge covers.
Frame built with long cross members to avoid exposing the head wood on the sill and at the top of the window.
Water drainage channel made entirely of wood so it looks good when the window is open.
Double seal with enlarged cavity to allow for 2.5 mm compression on closure. The double rebate on the seal increases the sound insulation.
4/15/4 low-emission standard double glazing, with a 10-year warranty against the formation of condensation. 3+3 standard anti-injury glass on the French window.
Lip of 20 mm for increased coverage of the keeps during adjustment.
Rounded glass beading (18 x 22 mm) and sash to give a softer look and reduce its exposure to the sun and the rain.


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