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Published on Luglio 24th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Portuense, 95/E - 00153 Roma (RO) - ITALY

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Production: insulating multilayer protected steel roofing

Manufacturer of insulating multilayer protected steel roofing

About Ondulit

Ondulit Italiana spa, the leading manufacturer of insulating multilayer protected steel roofing, since over 55 years is the world’s only manufacturer of multilayer anticorrosive protected steel roofing
ONDULIT – COVERIB with superior performances and long lasting with no maintenance.
Starting from an original intuition and through continuous research and innovations Ondulit has developed over the years a unique technology of coating and roll-forming steel with high protective thickness (1700 microns), which is today the distinctive element of the entire product range.
In 1953 the multilayer protected steel sheet was officially introduced in the market.
The specificity and exceptional effectiveness of multilayer protection system over the years has allowed Ondulit to take new paths in the roofing industry, developing solutions that combine perfectly highest performances and pleasant aesthetics.
From then onwards Ondulit has developed a wide range of solutions able to satisfy any technical and architectoniC request.
The origin of these results has always been research, that is to say the strategic choice to focus its activities in studying all those technical aspects that characterize high quality materials and realizations.
Thanks to this Ondulit today can count on a very vast and varied range of roofing solutions, with custom tailored proposals for any type of use, many of which are real supremacies in its sector.
For this reason Ondulit is a privileged partner for the most creative and demanding building planners all over the world.


Ondulit is research, development and quality: a history of technology and successful innovation projects, which have given specialized and reliable solutions to different problems of civil and industrial applications.
A set of materials, technologies and systems, resulting from continued investment in research and know-how, by comparison with the market and competition and an open dialogue with leading industry professionals.
But Ondulit is also rationality, pragmatism and flexibility, so we decided to give space to the images of our achievements, to show in the most effective way what we are and what we can do.

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