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Published on Luglio 21st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Made in Italy


Via Fornace Cavallino, 13/15 - 20090 Opera (MI) - ITALY

Phone +39.02.57602651 - Fax +39.02.57606357

Production: high chemical resistance products, Technological waterproofing products, Controlled shrinkage, cement and lime based, Concrete and mortars additives, Various fittings

Technological products for buildings

Proind founded by its actual president Mr. Armando Settili, since the seventies has been dealing in chemical products for the building industry.
From its start the products were appreciated by the building and precasting industry, and by the resellers of special products in the construction market.
The production consists of a wide range of, mortars, additives, protective and waterproofing products to restore buildings such as monuments, historical and industrial bulidings.

We are proud to present five specific product lines:

  • ANDROMEDA high chemical resistance products
  • PEGASO Technological waterproofing products
  • SIRIO Controlled shrinkage, cement and lime based
  • GEMINI Concrete and mortars additives
  • ORIONE Various fittings

Thanks to Proind’s long experience in the building sector, Proind today provides a safe reference point for building operators who are able to find complete and innovative answers for all their specific requirements.
The continuos research performed by Proid, constantly improves their line of products so as to attain their competitive goals.
Through commercial agreements and expansion in the European Community and in countries, including the United States and Japan, that are at the forefront of technology in the prevention of corrosion and in waterproofing of concrete structures, Proind’s products are unsurpassed.
The high standard and the quality of Proind products (ISO 9002 certification), pay particular attention to the care of environmental safety.
The commercial seriousness and the high level service offered by the technical staff, are the elements that Proind prides itself on offering to all of their Customers.
Proind aims to find the fastest and cheapest alternative in every scenario, using special mortars to restore, release agents to obtain the best precasting results, additives to improve the concrete quality and waterproofing material to protect the structures from the water damage.

Tags: cement and lime based, Concrete and mortars additives, Controlled shrinkage, high chemical resistance products, mortar, Mortar and Plaster, PROIND, Technological waterproofing products, Various fittings, Water-proofing

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