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Published on luglio 21st, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Pegaso system: Technological waterproofing products

Proind PEGASO is the line in wich there are specific technological waterproofing products.
In the SIRIO line there are specific products as: cardboard panels and geosynthetic cloth filled with pure granular sodium bentonite, sealing swellable joints made in granular bentonite, one component water swelling polyurethane elastic sealant, waterproofing based on siloxane oligomer diluted in mineral white spirit or water, waterproofing acrylic copolymers to be added to mortars or to be used as external surfaces coating, chemical cleansing agents and bituminous emulsions.



Bentogeo_PROINDDescription: Geosynthetic cloth, containing sodic bentonite.
Suitable for waterproofing underground structures particularly where positive and negative water pressures exist.
Sodic Bentonite contained into BENTOGEO is naturally treated and pre- hydratated.
Therefore, the bentonite is stable and unassailable by chemical aggression when in contact with the soil or sea water. BENTOGEO expands 16 times of its initial volume and transforms the bentonite into a perfect waterproof gel.
Uses: In cases when waterproofing structures that are in direct contact with ground such as: foundations, tunnels, underground parking, swimming pools and tanks.
Packaging: 5mm cloth containing natural sodic Benonite.
BENTOGEO: 30 linear meters rolls; 4,15 m H.; weight 760 kg. each.


Category: Water-proofing
Tags: BENTOGEO, Geosynthetic cloth, PROIND, Water-proofing, Waterproofing bentonitic geosynthetic cloth, waterproofing underground structures

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