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Published on Febbraio 9th, 2021 | by Raffaella Capritti


Sun Ballast

Made in Italy


Via Umberto I, 24 - 85042 Lagonegro (PZ) - ITALY

Phone +39 0522 960926

Production: Accessories for photovoltaics


Sun Ballast was born with the intention of making a significant contribution to the renewable energy market, which by nature is linked to the challenge and the concept of sustainability.


The activities carried out and the resources used aim to find solutions in which costs, environmental impact and product quality are in complete harmony and in constant improvement.

The philosophy of ownership in managing the company is inspired by a precise natural law of an ethical nature:

“The choices, and consequently the right actions, are those that will benefit the greatest number of factors that compose life itself: Individuals, Families, and Groups, humanity as a whole, living beings and the planet in its entirety. A correct choice should consider and preserve all these factors for as long as possible. A correct Action should help create the Future. “

For this reason, the policy adopted since the early years of activity has been to invest in staff training, structuring and outlining the organization board with well-defined tasks and responsibilities, in order to create the main product of any activity: the company itself.

Models of the Sun Ballast range

Sun Ballast adapts to any type of roof, also modulating according to the position thanks to the complete range that includes 10 inclinations:

  • Sun Ballast 0°,
  • Sun Ballast 0°.K,
  • Sun Ballast 3°,
  • Sun Ballast 3°.K,
  • Sun Ballast 5°,
  • Sun Ballast 5°.2,
  • Sun Ballast 5°.3,
  • Sun Ballast 5°.4,
  • Sun Ballast 5°.5,
  • Sun Ballast 5°.6,
  • Sun Ballast 8°,
  • Sun Ballast 10°,
  • Sun Ballast 10°.1,
  • Sun Ballast 11°,
  • Sun Ballast 11°.2,
  • Sun Ballast 11°.3,
  • Sun Ballast 11°.K,
  • Sun Ballast 15°,
  • Sun Ballast 20°,
  • Sun Ballast 30°,
  • Sun Ballast 30°.1,
  • Sun Ballast 35°.

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