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Published on febbraio 9th, 2021 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Sun Ballast sail system

Made in Italy


With the Sun Ballast sail system (5 ° / 11 ° and 0 °) you will get more energy in less space. Those who have been working in the photovoltaic sector for some time know what are the critical issues that they must face during the installation phase, especially when it comes to positioning the system.

sail system

Often they have to solve space problems to meet the power required by the customer. High railings, fireplaces, air conditioning systems can make things worse.

Finding the best solution means gaining an advantage that can be the key to getting a job and getting maximum efficiency out of the system.

Advantages of the sail system

The sail system offers several advantages:

  • Space optimization
  • Maximum power in minimum space
  • Speed ​​of installation
  • High wind resistance
  • Drastically reduced KW cost
  • Flexibility

Ballast angle 5° Sail-Shaped System

5° Sail-Shaped System

The 5° Sail-Shaped System fixing system in the Sun Ballast line is made from unreinforced concrete triangles that allow a tilt angle of 5°. It  has XC4 exposure class, as well as a strength class of C32/40.

Download Technical Data Sheets  – 5° Sail System


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