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Published on Febbraio 9th, 2021 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Sun Ballast Connect System

Made in Italy


Sun Ballast Connect System is a patented fastening and support system for photovoltaic modules that is extremely simple because it consists solely of concrete ballasts linked together: a front, a central one, and a terminal that closes the rows of panels.

Sun Ballast Connect System

The connection between the rows is guaranteed by the same ballasts, therefore the rows of panels are all connected and integral with each other. A network of ballasts and panels is therefore created which is extremely easy and quick to install, resistant to wind and with very limited loads on the roof (max 20-25 Kg / m2 including the weight of the panels) which are distributed evenly on the floor.

Sun Ballast Connect System’s available inclinations range

The available inclinations range from 5 ° to 30 ° with horizontal laying of the panels, while for vertical laying and therefore the inclined panels on the long sides it is possible to use an inclination of 10 °. We have also recently introduced the 5 ° inclined “sail” Connect system, which allows you to position 2 rows of panels close and coplanar.

To certify the wind resistance, we carried out laboratory tests by subjecting it to air flows in unfavorable conditions (and therefore in a configuration against the wind) with which we determined what were the stresses, displacements and overturns that arise in the structure resulting from the actions wind at certain critical speeds.

Download Technical Data Sheets – 5° Connect System

Download Technical Data Sheets – 10° ConnectSystem – Horizontal

Download Technical Data Sheets – Ballast 15° Connect System

Download Technical Data Sheets – Ballast 20° Connect System

Download Technical Data Sheets – Ballast 30° Connect System

5° Sail-shaped Connect System

Connect system with 5 ° inclined sail

The Connect system with 5 ° inclined sail allows two consecutive rows of photovoltaic panels to be laid horizontally.

The main material is concrete, which allows low wear over time and the ability to withstand even the most intense perturbations and different climatic conditions.

The system adapts to any type of flat roof with a maximum slope of 5º; on the ground, on beaten ground with inert material or flooring.

Download Technical Data Sheets -5° Sail-shaped Connect System


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