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Published on Gennaio 27th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



Zona Industriale Rivoli, - 33010 Osoppo (UD)

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Made in Italy

“4-Star” comfort, good looks and health and safety protection.

4akustik combines top sound absorbing performance, guaranteed by its tried and tested structure, with a new formula that gives maximum levels of health and safety protection.
The panelling complies with the stringent parameters of Japanese “F4 star” certification, relating to the extremely low formaldehyde content in accordance with JIS standards, and has a class B-s2,d0 fire rating (EC classification).
Unlimited colour.
Vibrant colour or neutral tones, rich veined wood, visual and tactile effects to add an extra visual dimension to acoustic comfort. With Patt Fantoni Group, you can browse the entire range of colours and finishes, for a natural or contemporary look.

4akustik contributes to LEED credits.

Acoustic Panelling

Category: Sound-proofing
Tags: 4akustik, LEED, protection, sound absorbing performance

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