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Published on luglio 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Concrete bonding agent

aderanADERAN is an emulsion based on synthetic resins, to be added to the mortar mixing water in order to obtain highly adhesive cement-based mortars.

Typical applications

It is used to prepare and lay:

  • mortar for rebuilding severely damaged floors and structures;
  • mortar or concrete for rebuilding or repairing severely damaged concrete;
  • plaster on very smooth substrates;
  • finishing exposed concrete surfaces;
  • mortar to fix tile or slab lining and flooring;
  • adhesive cement-based grout for casting joints.


  • Improves mortar adhesion and waterproofing;
  • increases mix workability;
  • improves resistance to frost/thaw action.

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Category: Mortar and Plaster
Tags: ADERAN, adhesive cement-based mortars, concrete, concrete bonding agent, emulsion based on synthetic resins, mortar, RUREDIL

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