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Published on luglio 9th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Natural soil stabiliser


Ruredil Levostab 99 is an environmentally compatible soil stabiliser and consolidator composed of selected inorganic oxides and inert polymeric fibres.
Levostab 99 has negligible environmental impact compared to conventional consolidation using concrete composed of inert matter and cement or lime and sometimes involving paving with a layer of asphalt.
Addition of Levostab 99 to the soil alone is sufficient to guarantee compactness and durability of gravel roads without altering their colour or the ecological qualities of the “soil system”, at a lower cost than conventional solutions (concrete – asphalt paving).
Levostab 99 can be used with ordinary equipment available on site, cutting costs and meeting technical specifications – something that cannot always be done with conventional stabilisation methods.

Fields of use

Soil stabilisation.
Construction of gravel roads with improved durability and resistance to wear.

Mechanism of action

Moisture in the soil is the culprit primarily responsible for deterioration of the mechanical properties of paths and roads.
Levostab 99 uses the moisture in the soil to hydrate the oxides it is composed of.
The hydration reaction of the oxides generates insoluble hydrated compounds which, distributed through the microporosity of the soil system (clays, inert matter, etc.), reduce porosity, limiting swelling and making the soil more compact. This action decreases the plasticity of the soil and improves its mechanical properties, increasing the soil’s bearing capacity (CBR) and increasing durability in the face of wear and freezing/defrosting cycles.
Levostab 99 stabilises the mechanical properties of the soil, making it inert in relation to the action of temperature and moisture in the environment.

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Category: Soil consolidation
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