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Published on maggio 23rd, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti



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Made in Italy

Certified anti-seismic building system



  • Elimination of thermal bridges
  • Vertical and horizontal slot-in: ease of installation and better guarantee of seal during casting
  • Distribution of concrete inside the wall in a non-punctiform way with the formation of resistant diagonals inside the partition
  • Dry installation without the need for mortar

BioPLUSĀ® is a patented and certified building system, made up of concrete formwork blocks lightened by means of LECA expanded clay and high-density insulating insert. Since 2007, about 137 worksites have been set up. .

The BioPLUS building system has undergone experimental anti-seismic tests at the EUCENTRE. It was approved by the LLPP higher council on 10-02-2011.

The BioPLUSĀ® block is suitable for constructing energy-efficient buildings, including in class A, Building with Bioplus means achieving extensive well-being in homes and saving energy, both for winter heating and summer cooling.

Category: Breeze-blocks

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