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Published on giugno 9th, 2015 | by Sara Leonardi



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Made in Italy

Made of terracotta and air

Lecablocco is both the trade name of the product and the “quality mark” which only highly qualified manufacturers are entitled to use.
Lecablocco is a small building component made of Leca expanded clay aggregate, used for residential, commercial, industrial, rural and animal-farm buildings.
It is made from selected raw materials and checked by means of stringent laboratory tests.

The main component of Lecablocco is Leca, the first made in Italy clay. It is a natural product obtained by baking special clays in rotating kilns. The baking temperature is almost 1250°C, which means the product does not contain organic substances. Leca is a lightweight granular material, insulating, strong and natural, distinguished by a compressed internal cellular structure inside a dense and strong outer casing: it is made of terracotta and air. Laboratory tests show that Leca and Lecablocco do not emit either radon or radiation.

Lecablocco are made in the following versions:

  • Lecablocco for Plastering standard series (y 1300);
  • Thermal Bioclima Serie (y 1000), in low-density aggregate and special shape to optimize the thermo-hygrometric performance of single and double walls;
  • Sound-insulating Bioclima Series (y 1400). The Sound-Insulating Lecablocco is a product which has been specifically made and designed in terms of shape. density and composition of the aggregate mix to optimize sound-dampening performance.
  • Bioclima load-bearing Seismic Series (y 1350);
  • Lecablocco Architettonico (y 1600), in medium-density aggregate in which finishes, surfaces, colours, strength and waterproof capacity achieve standards suitable for use on the walls, coverings and partitions of Architectural works.


Category: Breeze-blocks
Tags: Acoustic and thermal insulation, block, leca, lecablocco, paver

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